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Request for interpretation

Started by impressions_life, November 01, 2013, 07:06:29 PM

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I have recently experienced a heartbreak. and maybe that is why i keep dreaming this situation every night after night..
The environment changes but the story remains the same. It goes like this ...the dream often starts with me and my ex talking about something on our way to a nice little restaurant. We are fighting about something and I am trying to persuade her. She gives in and just when i am calm and content..something happens and she starts walking up. I keep running behind asking her to stop and i say things like .."please stop , lets talk and then we can go" but , she wouldn't listen. She keeps on walking and finally I yell " *name* please stop or i will kill myself " and at this very moment my dream ends....

Although i understand that this is due to the current emotional state i am in, but is there any other interpretation to my dream? furthermore, in my dreams when ever i yell about killing myself..i am either about to jump in front of a car, or from a cliff...
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did any dream end in showing DEATH clearly ?
if you only are yelling about dying and dream ends there, then ignore them.. its just your emotional state
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