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Snake in dream - need help

Started by astrosea, January 24, 2013, 06:20:14 PM

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 I had a dream around 1:30 AM (the time i woke up) can someone interpret its meaning. There was a big building similar to temple complex, in that there are 2 persons. There 2 persons are standing on the verandah of the complex...when i enter the complex one person (from the 2 person) says today is the challange and i will not be spared, There is a big snake - the person call it as adisesha (i can see only one head, though)\'s so large, it is covering the whole roof of the building. It is trying to kill me....but the roof is protecting me.....the condition is like this....since the roof is obstructing the snake from reaching is waiting for me....i run around and come near the entrance and look up trying to see its head, to check what it is doing, then i run inside (this i do 2-3 times, like in a game)....after that i observe its try to see its head shadow by staying inside the complex....i come to know it is waiting for me to kill me.....all these times the head is searching for me....when i start to observe its shadow....i head stops and keep it that i could not observer the shadow....i remain inside the complex......i know when i step will kill seeing of the person in the entrance says to another person today the game would end (meaning i will be killed) with smile on his face.....i trick the snake by running out of the complex from the left side and come near the corridor. Again the person says to me, you are cannot escape and looks at the snake head (hoping, that the snake would attack me) by looking at the roof (looking up) the snake head remains motionless......i wait a few second near the coridor to hear what that person is saying....then the person again say to another is a trick...he(me) should not escape...and tells me that, i should not go out....i am cheating...i should stay....i hurridly run out of the gate....and come out of the complex......when i am running out of the gate i can hear person\'s angry words.....he says that i tricked....i should not run....this he says 2-3 times.....i run out......and join a road.......and walk with a relief....i had escaped....................... can some one tell me the meaning the dream....i am really there any forewarning......or i did some mistake....without my knowledge for which god is trying to punish......what should i have to do? Thanks


dreams that disturb your sleep between 12-3 AM are usually related to bad karmas carried since few past lives.
snake (bigger the size, bigger the problem) is definitely bad symptom.
You\'ve tricked and roof helped you escape temporarily but snake(your karma) is powerful enough to give its results (attack you) in future.
This is a forewarning


Thanks, JayTee

Any solutions for it.  There is lot of problems i am facing at workplace, is there anything relates to this dream?


its directly related.
you need to check your horoscope, present dasa, transits etc for identifying the reason


Do puja for Subramanya swamy and ammavaaru