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Somebody please interpret.

Started by paanzaa, March 05, 2013, 07:55:03 PM

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I had these dreams over a period of 1 year-
1. A temple in a deserted place and the temple has golden doors which shines in the light emitted by the fire in front of the door- which is quite away from the door though.

2. A temple on the banks of a river- Lakshmi Kuberar is the name given by a distant sound and the temple is in ruins.

3. A saintly person doing pooja-seems to be like Shankaracharya- to Kamakshi Amman and says to me that bring flowers on Wednesday and not now...

4. An excavator digging up on a rocky hill-releasing water over the rocks..I find a Ganesha statue in the bottom of the hill and as I climb up I find a lake full of muddy water.
5. I drive a bike up a cement road, the call is somebody answering "Mortuary" ( I doubt mortuaries have telephone landline connections) and after the call, as I drive up on the cement road, stop and see a snake coiled on a branch-purple and white in colour- and as I see it, it lazily opens up and bears its fangs-like yawning..It does not see me.

Can you please interpret these dreams for me..I would be really thankful.


they can't be interpreted by comparing with present life conditions.
All are related to your past life(lives), especially 1,2,3 dreams.
Only if you know your past life, you can understand them better by analyzing your present too


all are related to incomplete Sadhana from past lives.
you need a guru to help you continue from where you left or may be you are already on the track and seeing temples, statues, saints as symbolic messages of your spiritual growth


sir the dreams which i saw often comes true the very next feels very amusing but its true. Did it indicates  any  physchological problem.


it is just that your soul is travelling ahead in time and showing you those images in dream.
nothing serious
its common