What type of Dreams should be interpreted?

Started by Koundinya, January 04, 2019, 06:36:15 PM

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Psychologists say that we usually dream about what we think, listen, speak, Read, see etc.
Will such dreams have any meaning and should they be interpreted


Rama's brother Bhrata describes 3 types of dreams :

1. Chintita Swapna : These are dreams understood by modern psychologists. These are amalgamation of what you listen, read, speak, hear, think, imagine etc.
They can be ignored.

2. Vyaadhi Swapna : Few people are over religious, over senimental etc. They usually see gods, angels, dead people in dreams.
This is a vyaadhi (disease) which needs to be cured. There is nothing exciting about them or their useless dreams.
If such dreams appear frequently, they need to be sent for treatment.

3. YaadRicchika Swapna : This are unusual dreams about people, events, places which are not in your memory. You have never seen such place, never thought of that person or event in recent past.
Such dreams often come true after sometime. They need to be interpreted (unless they are repeatedly occuring to same person, without any consequence)