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wierdest dream ever!

Started by vlbedoc, March 09, 2012, 06:52:05 PM

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So it went like this: (this is horrid! rated R: reader discretion advised! :p)

We (me & my husband) were driving on a highway on a foggy morning.. we couldn\'t see much clearly so we were driving slow.. suddenly, i had to break because the road was blocked due to a crash... it was a huge crash with multiple cars involved.. worse than one can imagine.. we get out of the car and see that some officers were examining the scene... we start helping too.. i hear some noise from a car which is toppled upside down.. i bend and look inside and i see that there\'s a small boy (abt 10 yrs old) stuck inside.. when i try to help him out, his head comes off is body!! i get so scared, i put his head back in place and run away...
after a while of helping somebody else i come around again and see that the boy was now sitting near the car (apparently someone else got him out) and sobbing.. when i approached him, he angrily said, \"go away!!! stop trying to save me.. i dont want to live! my family is dead, i want to die too! GO AWAY!!\" .. i was so scared, i ran away...
then they created a detour for the cars so we went on our way...
after what seemed like a few months in the dream, me and my husband were walking down the mall and i see in the window of the bookstore that a new book has become a bestseller and is written by a young boy who survived a massive accident... intrigued, i go inside to check out the book... i see that its the same boy now 12yrs old! I tell my husband, I am surprised this guy survived.. his head was cut off and he wouldn\'t let anyone touch him... my husband says, \"i know, it was ME who helped him... he kept telling me to go away but i took him to the hospital anyway... they operated on him and he survived!\"
i was perplexed, dream over!!


Hi mandira,
i cant actually explain meaning of your dream but i\'ll post one of my personal experiences.
May be you can conclude something from it.

When i was in my teenage, i was driving from one city to another city on a motorbike with my friend.
I stopped on the highway to pee.
It was already dark and i couldnt see anything besides the road.
But i stepped down the road and went towards a bush and relieved myself.

My friend who was standing on the road though that i need some light and turned on the headlight and turned it towards me.
That is when i got a shock.
I just peed on a rock which had fresh blood stains on it !!!

Though i couldnt see anyone there, i saw some more blood where i was standing.
I came back to the road and we left.
I just remembered the milestone at that place.

That night i went to my friends place in other city and we slept after reaching there around 11 pm.

After i slept, i had a wierd feeling that someone was strangling my neck and i was forcefully dragged on some stones.
Then i was grabbed with my hair and i could see a stone in front of my eyes.
Person who was holding my hair, just pushed me forcefully onto the rock and broke my head !

I shouted and woke up from dream.
My friend\'s family were worried why i shouted.
His grandfather felt that i had some nightmare and gave me some water to drink.
I slept off after a while.

Next morning i woke up and was reading local newspaper and got yet another shock !
News was that police recovered an unidentified dead body at the same milestone where i stopped last night.
That guy was beaten to death at that rock.
I saw photo of blood stained rock in newspaper !!!!!
Wanting to learn vast ranged Astrology only to predict few sport events is like Marrying only for Sex !

The greatest mistake you can make in life is to be continually fearing you will make one !


oh my God! thats horrible!! thankfully they didnt pick up your dna from the pee on the rock!!! or else you would have been charged... Gosh! and i thought my dream was horrid!

oh n p.s. : im not mandira


so whats the conclusion from both these experiences ?
you\'re haunted by dead people souls ???


ha ha!! well, i don\'t know... my guess is, me n my husband have so many aspects of our lives that are out of our control... i went to sleep after thinking about it the whole day and in the end feeling like giving up on everything... my husband, on the other hand, feels that things still can be tackled with or at least, we should try instead of escaping from the situation... and then i always feel he makes everything right so in my dream as well, he made things right..


strangers death in your close promixity in dream is either a karma from past life(lives) coming up to give its result now or it can be what virinchi experiened and varenya indicated


but you see.. the boy ultimately did not die.. so it cannot be any of the three options.. no?


To dream that others are bleeding signifies an emotional cry for help.
And you\'re right that your husband helped you handle those emotions
All human actions have one or more of these seven causes: chance, nature, compulsion, habit, reason, passion, and desire


thats very much possible.. sometimes life gets you posed in such a way, you feel you are driving down a foggy highway where you cannot see what lies ahead and all you can do is pray...
also sometimes, it goes on and on and on for so long that you feel: God, just give me one ray of hope so that I know the Sun is still there... but i also believe, it is darkest before dawn... so probably we are getting to a good place...

am i good at metaphors or what? I should be a writer!

but yes, you\'re probably right...


i feel its about progeny and you both either have difference of opinion in your minds about its timing or both of you want it but just postponing it