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wt a dream!!

Started by poori, April 28, 2009, 04:05:42 PM

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my mom recently dreamed like when she was walkin on terrace she found a cow pulling out the postures of god - balaji n lakshmi devi\'s from a bundle of postures which was left aside by the seller n talking to some1.the cow then was  tryin to swallow. my mom shouted on the cow when it pulled out the postures, by that the posture seller alerted n he made the cow go away from there.finally the postures are safe.
on the same situation my granny n dad warned mom to not to interfere in all road side issues, but my mom denied it n confessed she would react to all good n bads happening around her..

now.. i know seeing cow n gods in dreams r good but thrs a hidden msg behind it n i want sum1 to decode it..


may be your mom doesnt believe in lord balaji n lakshmi devi and GOD is reminding her to pay her a visit through this cow message

better visit thirupati n tiruchanur/alavelu mangapuram once with family


my mom does believe in those gods... she often visit dwaraka tirumala..


i dont understand dreams
but its an interesting one


i beleive its a call from tirupati