benifits of aloe-vera

Started by Sharmila, April 26, 2009, 05:01:16 PM

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i think acai is better than aloe vera...


not sure if posting on the right page, but i have these two small black spots on the bottom of foot (Plantar warts ), tried everything vinegar, pumic stone the spots are tough to get rid of. Any desi remedy to remove them. please let me know


Apply aloe vera to the wart. It also irritates the wart. Apply three times a day for one week. The warts will vanish within days.
Also you'll find Kaseesadi Taila oil which you can get from ayurvedic medical shop and apply it. then cover the warts with cotton and bandage.


ok thanks! where can i find Kaseesadi Taila oil online i live in california