best food for hair growth?

Started by tara, March 05, 2010, 07:53:54 AM

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i lost few hairs but regained them.
how ? i quit junk food, had atleast 250 ml of soy milk every day, added more iron and protein to diet, and practiced kapalbhati pranayama.
cut my hair short and applied white onion juice daily on scalp and washed with shekai powder after an hr.
twice in a week applied bhringraj oil and everyday did 'balayam yoga' for 15 mins.

6 months later results were seen

if your hair roots are weak or greying prematurely, then take 'bhringraj bhanvati' 2 tablets/day with food
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yes. soy milk (many indians may not agree with this) has anti-DHT elements which can help you slow down genetical bandling (in men).
japanese, koreans, chinese have 90-120 gms of soy protein each day and look at their skin, hair etc.
they have developed such genes over many generations
indians developed tasty, junk food like preserved oil soaked pickles, deep fried vegetables, white rice, lots of curd, sugar, salt, masala, spices etc and ended up giving this generation diseases like diabetes, blood pressure, kidney stones, bald heads, pot bellys, arthritis etc