Birth Order and Relationship Compatability

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This is an article I had come across a while ago, though it\'s an old one but I found some of the points are right on the money, here you go...


Only child and youngest; first-born and youngest; middle child and youngest: Gender plays a role here as well. If you want the absolute best match, it\'s female only or first-born marrying a male youngest child who has older sisters. The last born with older sisters is going to be the sort of person who brings out the maternal instinct in women, and the oldest sister is likely to have great maternal urges. The young man has grown up with girls who have doted on him, cared for him, and generally treated him like one of their cuddly toys. This is the same sort of treatment he seeks in a wife, and the best place he\'ll find it is with an oldest sister. The match works both ways. The first-born needs someone to show her pleasures of sunsets, rainbows, and to remind her that it can be fun to let her mind wander and do something crazy or different. The last-born needs someone to show him that while having fun is a wonderful thing, it takes hard work and perseverance to turn those daydreams into reality.

First Born Married To A First Born: Likely high friction. Either butting heads from day one, or falling into a controller-pleaser relationship. Think John McEnroe and Tatum O\'Neal, and you\'ll have some idea of how difficult it can be to make such a pairing work.

First Born Married To A Middle Child: The danger here is that the middle-born may modify his or her own behavior to please the first-born mate. While the middle makes a good general match for anyone (except, perhaps, for another middle), she may find the first born to be somewhat intimidating and thus need drawing out. If you marry a hard-driving first-born, you may be inclined to give up your own desires and dreams to please your more dominant, first-born spouse. However, if you have last-born tendencies, this can be a very good match for you.

First Born Married To The Last Born: Excellent combination: First-born can teach last-born how to be better organized, and that there are times when life must be taken seriously. The last-born teaches the first-born that it\'s okay to have fun once in a while.

What are the worst combinations?

Middle Child Married To A Middle Child: Has the potential to go either way. If one of the middle-borns has first-born tendencies and one has last-born tendencies and traits, this can be a good match.

On the other hand, if both partners are solid, secretive middle-born communication is likely to suffer -- though you\'ll do well compromising to get along and keep the peace. Has the least chance of experiencing marital infidelity.

Middle Child Married to Last Born: Works best if the middle born has some first-born tendencies. If the middle is a true middle, he may find himself pulled into the last-born\'s more irresponsible lifestyle, creating the problems seen in a last-born to last-born marriage. If she has last-born tendencies, there could be trouble. If she has first-born traits, then a great match.

Last Born Married To A Last Born: Be careful here. You may have fun, but you\'ll also feel like life is getting a little out of control, with nobody in charge. Even last-borns can handle controlled chaos for only so long. WORST FAMILY BLEND

Only-child female and an only-child male: Not only will the two butt heads, but neither will have much of a clue about the other gender.

Female last-born with no brothers and male last-born with no sisters: Not only are you compounding the problems of two last-borns, but neither really knows very much about the opposite sex -- at least in a psychological sense -- and so wouldn\'t be particularly understanding and supportive of each other.

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Sex and Birth Order

First-Borns or Only Children

Predictable in bed: You can set your watch to what they do next.

Dr. Leman\'s advice: \"The skill that makes you good at work is the same basic skill that works against you in your marriage -- control mongering and perfectionism erode relationships rather than build them.\"


Middles remain somewhat of a mystery, even in bed. They frequently have the toughest time feeling needed and often think of themselves as the least special, which leads to an interesting contradiction: being aggressive and competitive while also avoiding conflict.

Dr. Leman \'s advice: \"If your middle-child spouse is sexually frustrated, she may not tell you about it. If he wants to try something new, you may never hear him mention it, unless you take the time to draw it out. If you are married to a middle, please take the time to do a \'sexual inventory.\' Middles will rarely tell you what they really want unless you pry it out of them.\"

Last Borns

The sexual aspect of marriage is of the utmost appeal to the last born. Stereotypically, last-borns like to laugh in bed. They also don\'t mind junking a carefully prearranged schedule at the mere glimpse of a bare breast or a clean husband crawling out of a shower. So what if the husband has an early-morning meeting -- the wife who is a last-born is in the mood for love!

Dr. Leman\'s advice: \"Because they were the babies in their families, last-borns were probably held and kissed more than the other children and tend to be affectionate by nature. The person who reaches out and touches you on the arm when she is talking to you is likely to be a baby. I am not saying that touching someone is a sexual act, but my point is that babies don\'t hesitate to make physical contact with other people.

LOL at \'Sexual Inventory\', I reckon the last bit about youngest kids is very true.

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Indeed very interesting, its amazing how all these subtle things impact our life in a bigger way.So basically, everything happens for a reason.
Some more in detail......

 Did you know that your birth order between your siblings can affect your romantic relationships and how you interact with others? Sibling ranking: firstborn, middleborn, lastborn and only child all have different character traits. Birth order seems to be a reliable predictor of personality and romantic compatibility. You can predict the best match for you, and learn how to win the heart of the love of your life according to their birth rank.

Birth order is strongly connected to your personality. Knowing the birth order of the people around you can help you understand them better. You can also learn how to deal with a potential partner and learn what kind of conflict can exist between the two of you. An example would be a first born wife married to a younger brother, she would have traits of being dominant and maternal.


Older Brother of Brothers

Firstborn males are treated like a king. You are adored and loved dearly by your parents, and are smothered with attention. Once the family grows and another boy comes along, you\'re already bigger, stronger and are able to walk and talk. Because of this, you tend to get your way by being dominating and bossy towards your younger brother. Without knowing it, you are perceived as a leader. You\'re so used to dominating those under you as a child, that you adopt this trait throughout your adult life.

On the positive side, you acquired kindness, consideration, and helpful qualities. As a result most firstborn brothers of brothers have a special magnetic aura that both women and men become greatly attracted to and makes them want to follow your lead. You also have a natural ability to lead and excel in business because they enjoy status and recognition.

Best match

Since you grew up in a family that lacked female siblings, you tend to have a hard time understanding women and being romantic. The best match for you is your opposite, a younger sister of brothers. There is a magnetic touch that attracts you to her femininity. The younger sister of brothers also feels this attraction, because she yearns for a boy who is a natural leader like her older brother.

Worst Match

An older sister of brothers isn\'t a good match for you because you\'ll both fight to become a leader in the relationship. An older sister of sisters is also a poor match, since both of you grew up in a single sex family and lacked the understanding of the opposite sex.

Older Brother of Sisters

As a brother with many siblings sisters, you have the greatest understanding of women. You are a terrific listener, a good friend and patient suitor. Women are drawn to you because you understand their feelings and problems more than they do.

In your childhood, you learned that your younger sister was special and needed respect, kindness and lots of consideration. Knowing this, you tend to carry a special charm towards women by making them feel extra special, loved and understood.

Best match

A younger sister of brothers is your best match, as she responds well to the attention and charm that you give. She is very attracted to you because you understand her inner nature. This is because you have character traits of kindness, attentiveness and leadership.

Worst Match

A firstborn is your worst match because you naturally prefer to lead. This brings in conflict as other firstborns tend to be just as dominating as you.

Older Sister of Sisters

You\'re greatest strength is your drive, dominance, strength and courage. You always accomplish your goals and you bring in more success in your life than others do. You have high standards and you\'re a perfectionist.

More than other girls, you have a natural tendency and preference to be in control. You also relate and identify better to older men, or men in high positions. This comes from your childhood, as you always accepted your fathers wishes unquestioningly. You transfer your strong bonding with your father into romantic relations with older men or male authority figures.

Best Match

Younger brother of sisters is your greatest match, because his personality compliments you best. You are exact opposites, and sparks can definitely fly. You\'re nervous, dominant and pushy, he\'s calm, relaxed, easy going and agreeable. Most girls with younger brothers like to tease, play and baby man. This is what your partner needs. A Younger brother of brothers is also a good match for you. This is because neither of you have an advantage over the other. A relationship between firstborns and lastborns tend to bring out your best qualities and have a high chance of success.

Worst Match

Older brother of brothers is your worst match. Both of you like to be leaders in all situations and enjoy being in charge. This can bring conflict and a difficult time in understanding each other in a long term relationship.

There are some exceptions to this, as two firstborns could feel a strong connection due to a narcissistic type of attraction. It\'s like falling in love with yourself, which can give you a sense of security.

Older Sister of Brothers

Like Cleopatra, who was a firstborn, you have great feminine, dominance and strong maternal instincts. You tend to be more religious, traditional and conservative than other girls. You like people who share your views and religious values.

In a relationship, you take on the protective role and you like to baby men, and make sure they don\'t get hurt. Men are greatly attracted to your helpfulness and caring nature.

Best Match

Younger brother of sisters is your magical match. You appreciate his humour and laid back easy going qualities. He\'s used to a girl like you from his childhood. A Younger brother of brothers is also a good match for you. He\'s fun, creative and easy going just like a younger brother of sisters. Both of you will have a great understanding of each other. You can also have a good match with an older brother of sisters. This is a narcissistic type of relationship. You\'ll love him, as you love yourself. If you share power and control, you can have high chances of succeeding and making it work in the long run.

Worst Match

Older brother of brothers is a difficult match for you. He has a challenge understanding you, since he grew up without any sisters. He also wants to be in control of everything, so conflict can arise.

Younger Brother of Brothers

You have all the creativity, social skills, sense of humour and the most active sense of curiosity in the family. You developed these traits in response to having an older brother in your childhood. You had to keep him laughing in order to prevent him from bullying you. That\'s why many of you become entertainers or magicians in your adult life.

You are unpredictable, adventurous and have a tendency of being drawn to life threatening situations. This could mean engaging in dangerous sports like hockey, football or boxing. You crave risk taking behaviour and fun activities like bungee jumping, parachuting, race car driving or motorcycle racing.

Best Match

Many girls will be attracted to your easy going exciting personality. An older sister of brothers is your best match. You\'ll enjoy her maternal qualities, and she\'ll support your career choices. Even though you grew up without any sisters, your pleasant personality will make up for your lack of female understanding and attentiveness.

Another good match for you is an older sister of sisters. Since you\'re so friendly and easy going, she\'ll be the one to take charge and organize things. You will compliment each other quite nicely.

Worst Match

Younger sister of brothers is your worst match. You are both lastborns that enjoy playing and being kids together. This brings in conflict, as none of you can organize your future together and do all the planning. This relationship can only work if your family and friends help motivate you to do all the organization.

Younger sister of sisters is also a bad match for you. You both have trouble understanding each other and making important decisions. With both your easy going personality and nature, your match can become one big party. This relationship will lack the seriousness and leadership skills to be a successful one.

Younger Brothers of Sisters

Above all men, you\'re blessed when it comes to attracting the ladies. Women are drawn to your care-free nature. You have a special talent for getting along with girls and making them fall for you. Since you grew up with an older sister, you were teased by her. You also had to compete to get your parents attention by using creativity, telling jokes and making them smile. Because of your childhood, you developed wonderful character traits as an adult. You\'re friendly, caring, funny, agreeable and love to challenge the status quo. The opposite sex just adores your rebellious nature.

Best Match

An older sister of brothers suits you best because she has a strong maternal nature that compliments you best. She has superior organization and planning skills to help you in your daily life and career. The conflict with this match is that you have opposite roles. You\'re the passive one, and she\'s the dominant one. You may not enjoy this, but if you think about it in a more positive sense, it could be a blessing in disguise. She could be your guardian angel and her role would be to nurture and protect you.

A younger sister of brothers is another good match for you. You both can have fun together and are drawn by narcissistic attraction. You both have agreeable qualities that can make this a successful match.

Worst Match

A Younger sister of sisters is your worst match because she might act too much like a baby to your liking. Since you want to be the one smothered with attention, it will cause a conflict. In your childhood you enjoyed being the baby in the family and getting all the attention. This relationship has a chance of working due to the possibility of narcissistic attraction, and if you both have other interests such as hobbies and careers.

Younger Sister of Sisters

During your first year of life you were treated like a doll by your parents and sisters. You were welcomed into the world as a little princess. You received much love and attention in your surroundings. You learned to be friendly and charming to keep your sisters happy, as sometimes they would tease you and boss you around. By the time you reached adulthood, you continued to be very sociable, charming and had the ability to flirt. This made other girls jealous of you.

You grew up with a very active and creative imagination. Men and women around you just love your personality as you are very easy to get along with.

Best Match

An older brother of sisters is your best match. You are attracted to his leadership skills and great attentiveness to towards you. He listens well to your ideas as he enjoys your creative nature. An older brother of brothers is also a great match for you, as none of you have the advantage of growing up with opposite siblings. You may have some conflict with understanding each other, but learning to open up to each other is the key to making this relationship work.

A younger brother of sisters is another good match for you, as both of you have older sisters. This would be a narcissistic type of relationship. Both of you would have lots of fun together, but when it comes to planning for the future, you may need some help from your family and friends. This happens to most lastborns that are paired together.

Worst Match

A Younger brother of brothers is a poor match for you, as neither of you grew up with opposite siblings and you\'re both lastborns. This would bring in lots of conflict. A male only child is also a poor match for you. You won\'t understand each other and run into decision making problems. This is because you\'re both lastborns and you both lack opposite siblings.

Male Only Child

You are quite lucky as you derive both qualities of firstborns and lastborns. You\'re the most creative, driven, successful, friendly, and focused individuals on the planet. You are favored by everyone, as you were praised more and got lots of attention as a child. You tend to be a perfectionist. There\'s two sides to this. If you become a doctor, then you need to get things right, so obsessing over every detail is worthwhile. The bad side, is stress. Being worried and anxious all the time can ruin your day or give you trouble falling asleep. Meditating and taking things easier in your life will help overcome this perfectionism.

You take your career very seriously and devote all your time and energy compared to other men. Like other firstborns, you want to reach the top and be number one. You have great confidence that helps you succeed. You will need a romantic partner that will support your career choice and accept the long hours that you put into the job.

Best Match

You have a great advantage when it comes to meeting a potential mate compared to other guys. This is because you have the character traits of both firstborns and lastborns. For your lastborn personality, your best match is an older sister of brothers. She will compliment you best by being maternal and by supporting your career. An older sister of sisters is also a great match. Neither of you have the advantage of having opposite siblings. She tends to have a relaxed nature, which is great for you, as she will be supportive as you pursue your career dreams.

Worst Match

Another only child would be your worst match. Both of you are too focused on your careers to make time for each other. If you do end up marrying another singleton, it would be a narcissistic type of relationship. In this case, you\'d have to have lots of platonic female friends to help keep your life balanced, and to cheer you on as you pursue your dreams.

Female Only Child

Being an only child gives you greatest strength to get along with people of authority. You have characteristics of both lastborn and firstborn. You tend to have more conflict with your parents than children that have siblings. This is because brothers and sisters direct hostility toward each other, instead of there parents. The positive side to this is that you get along well with your friends, but sometimes have conflict with your parents.

You tend to be dependent on others, since your parents took care of you and let you be a child as long as you wanted, without letting you become your own person. This doesn\'t have to be a bad thing, as you can date men who respond well to your great need for protection.

Best Match

An older brother of sisters is your best match, as he can provide you with all the attention and romance that you desire.

Worst Match

A male only child is your worst match because neither of you have opposite sex siblings. This relationship would only work if there was a narcissistic type of attraction. You would have to treat your partner as a unique individual, because he would remind you of your parents, and this would cause conflict.

William Cane \"Birth Order, Book of Love,\" How the #1 Personality Predictor Can Help You Find the One, 2008



Oops! missed out, it\'s there in the given link though.Of course they are the

Younger Sister of Brothers

You\'re the luckiest creatures of all. You\'re blessed with the best birth order when it comes to attracting men. You have the advantage because you grew up with brothers, you had the practice on how to deal with them on a daily basis. You learned how to cope with different male moods and bossiness. Therefore, men consider you very easy to get along with. You used your charm and sensitive nature to win conflicts with your older brothers. You crave being in the spotlight and have lots of empathy and understanding of men. Romantically you may attract troubled men and hope that love will solve everything.

Best Match

An older brother of sisters is your best match. You have a great attraction towards one another. He has a sense of what\'s best for him and so do you. This relationship can blossom into a magical love. A younger brother of sisters could also be a potential match. Since both of you grew up with opposite siblings, you have a great understanding of each other. The only issue would be the fact that you\'re both lastborns and lack the proper organization that\'s needed for a marriage to work. This relationship would be fun and exciting and would work wonders if you got outside help for long term planning.

Worst Match

A Younger brother of brothers is a poor match for you, as you\'re both lastborns. He lacks the opposite siblings. You wouldn\'t be happy as you\'d miss the leadership and romantic qualities from a desired partner. A male only child is you\'re worst match. He craves too much attention and is too focused on career to have time for you. In a sense you\'re both lastborns, so he doesn\'t understand your needs, so this type of relationship wouldn\'t work so well.

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