Cesarean Operations making women weak for lifetime

Started by pallavi, July 15, 2009, 05:25:57 PM

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thats an exception though


recently i read an article in some ayurvedic magazine about women who got their womb removed because of some infection or just because they felt its of no use after having 2 kids.

these women suffer from different diseases all throughout their life as impure blood is not filtered out regularly through womb


for all those women on the verge of motherhood but scared of normal delivery because of labour pain associated with it, here is some good news. Doctors at the Femina Womens Hospital, Banjara hills conved the message that for those who cannot endure labour pains for a longer time, help is at hand to make them experience painless normal delivery. Dr.K.Swarajya Laxmi Medical Director, says that the painless delivery was possible through administration of epidural analgesia to the women after she set into labour."Epidural helps to relieve the pain while the women is fully conscious and helps in reducing the stress associated with the labour pains,"It would help the women to get back to her routine as quick as possible after delivery.Painless delivery has to be constantly monitored by experienced and trained anaesthetist, along with the gynaecologists,obstetricians.Though the rate of C-section has been on the rise,  90% of obstetricians believe in normal delivery unless the situation warranted it. With women postponing motherhood till late thirties, with conditions like obesity,diabetics and hypertension becoming common, chances for normal delivery are becoming less.Dr.Hema Bindu,CMD,says 70% of deliveries in their hospital in the last one year were painless deliveries.the difference in the fee charged for normal and painless normal delivery is Rs.5000.


Almost 90% of deliveries in cities and towns are cesarean.. All these women will suffer from their mid 40s