How to remove pollution from home

Started by pallavi, June 20, 2009, 05:57:12 PM

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1. daily burn 2-3 tablets of camphor during puja.
do this both in morning and evening.
camphor burning will drive away all bad air and pollution


2. after using lime slices to make juice, oil etc store them and let them dry.
use dry lime slices and put them on hot coal .
this smoke will drive away all pollution, carbon dioxide etc from home.
let this smoke circulate in all rooms and corners


hai pallavi
i burn camphor daily during morning
i feel good for some time after that :)

will try this dry lime slices also

i know one old traditional method.

3. make dry cakes with cow dung and break them into pieces and store.
burn them with camphor early in morning


i knew about camphor technique.
will try lime thing


you can store all lime slices at a dark place or on sunshade and let them dry and become hard
later burn them with camphor

this combination removes all germs, pollution, mosquitoes and evil from home


hey i tried burning dried lime slices but its hard to burn them
instead use coal and heat them.
put lime slices on red hot coal


take a glass bowl full of rock salt n place it in a corner of a room.. it purifies air n cures breathing problems..

need to refill the bowl for every 15days


Plant Tulsi (holy basil) in and around your home if you have space. Or grow it in pots. Place one or two of them in east, northeast and southeast directions, and near doors and windows, also in such a way that the breeze will get washed/purified while entering your house. Tulsi grows v. easily, does not require much care, needs little watering only, can stay well without watering for 2-3 days in case you are going on outdoor picnics, drives away insects effectively. black Tulsi is considered more powerful. but it okay to grow the greener variety as well. It gives 95 % same results.


the only problem is with women in the house who are not supposed to go near tulasi on few days
i\'ve seen tulasi plants die because my maid went near them while drying clothes on her wrong days


Tulsi is so pure a plant tht it can\'t be tht easily polluted. can u pls re-check on this as the plant wud have died due to some other reason?