How to remove pollution from home

Started by pallavi, June 20, 2009, 05:57:12 PM

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tulasi is pure but it wont survive in impure conditions
so make sure no impure person goes near it


try planting krishna tulasi(its has dark stem and purple-dark green leaves)


Pollution here means Negative Energy, I think so.

For removing Negative Energy, sprinkle salt water throughout the house and then mob with soap water and ordinary water. This is the best way to clear the Negative Energy from home. But you can\'t do it often as it takes lotsa time. Hence can be done once in 3 months.

Put Sambrani for entire house on every Fridays. Lit the lamp the entire day on all No-moon days and Full-moon days with herbal oil.

These things are enough in general. If the problem is little serious, call some REIKI channel and ask them to clean the house. Or do a Ganapathi / Sudharsana Homam in your house. That will take care of everything.
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