Today's Kids surviving only on Junk Food

Started by pallavi, July 06, 2009, 06:09:53 PM

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In a recent survey at a school, many kids were asked about what breakfast they regularly have before coming to school

most replied that they east chips,french fries, heavy oily stuff like dosa,vada etc , maggie , noodles or just milk and biscuits

most kids these days are not getting nutrition in their breakfast
which will lead to obessity at early age.
unnecessary fat will be stored in their bodies or they will never have enough growth and remain too thin and weak

its important to make sure that kids have good breakfast and lunch .
dinner is not that important

Good doesnt mean heavy !                                                                                                              


yeah that true :mad:
mothers are only concentrating on report cars and grades not on proper growth of mind and body


nowadays mothers are brainless. they are thinking feeding thr children with chocolates, noodles, instant foods are best food 4 them n a status  symbol.. real stupdity..

by the way those mums only dnt know whats healtthy in food so how can they guide thr kids..???


status symbol food will only kill their family


mothers need to get counselling on what to feed to their kids on what age when they get pregnant


i think aswagandha powder is 1000 times better than those artificial horlicks, boost etc
mothers just get tempted by sachin\'s ad and think that their kids will also become like that

just give them cereals, over night soaked dry fruits and a glass of cow milk with 1 spoon of aswagandha powder in break fast


right shalu :) but less people realise it


also i think women shud have a knowledge of simple remedies on health problems. it helps the mothers to keep doctors away for every small prob.
it in turn improves the child\'s immunal strength


yeah better . but today\'s mothers are not teaching anything to their daughters
they waste time on tv serials, jewellery, gossips, shopping and create nuisance at home.

daughters pickup same things from them and nothing useful is transfered over generations


yeah. daughters pick up nonsense like jealousy, gossips, ear biting etc