Today's Kids surviving only on Junk Food

Started by pallavi, July 06, 2009, 06:09:53 PM

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mam no one wanna take risk wid child emotions dts d true reason....


cum on momz r inteligent enough to deal with ther child eg: if the kid says i want horliks & mom says aswagandha powder both fight but finaly mom says lets cum to an understanding, every alternate day horlics then powder, after few days mom slowly manuplates & gets it to all days more hurting of emotions or anything.but regerding junk food i think its ok if taken rearly  as our body gets resistance power or digestion of any kind of food so that it doesnt get bad or worse wen we travel or stay at other places.  


i\'m talking about stupid moms who are more interested in neighbourhood gossips, tv serials than their kids health


all the money they make by doing businesses, entering into high paying jobs after studying for 20+ years etc will be spent for medical treatments from middle age.
infact i've seen people dying due to heart attack at age of 30 !

Siddu Sidharth

Hello Mam, how are you, do you have any idea about keto diet?
Also, I am unable to send you any personal message?

Quote from: Star Dust on July 30, 2009, 10:56:20 AM
mothers encourage kids to eat roadside food like chat.gupchup,bhel etc and many bring home food to be stored in refrigirator for days

Akhil Goel

Mam very true but my daughter doesnt eat any fruit etc no matter how much I try only maggie and all junk food