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Diabetic Diet
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Diabetes Remedies:

Eating plenty of vegetables and fruits is good for health. These must be part of one’s diet. Healthy individuals can have vegetables and fruits of their choice, but diabetics have to go in for restricted diet, although they can have fresh fruits.

Proper diet is essential for any unhealthy person. Diabetics are no exception. The nature of the disease is such that it is better for them to have certain types of vegetables. Not much restriction is placed on fruits.

Vegetables for diabetics

    * Onion and garlic help in the reduction of blood sugar levels.
    * Green leafy vegetables are also good for diabetics as they contain manganese, which is an important insulin ingredient.
    * Cabbage.
    * Lettuce.
    * Mint.
    * Spinach.
    * Fenugreek leaves.
    * Amaranth.
    * Bitter gourd.
    * Ash gourd.
    * Lady’s fingers.
    * Cauliflower.
    * Cucumber.
    * Drumstick.
    * Turnip.
    * Ridge gourd.
    * Snake gourd.
    * Onion stalk.
    * Pumpkin.

Vegetables to be consumed less

    * Sweet potato.
    * Yam.
    * Beetroot.
    * Tapioca.
    * Colocasia.
    * Artichoke.
    * Tender jackfruit.
    * Double beans.
    * Broad beans.
    * Cluster beans.

Fruits for Diabetics

    * Diabetics can consume fresh fruits although they contain sugar and starch.
    * Few fruits only contain more than 15 % of carbohydrates.
    * Juicy fresh fruits are very good. Most of the fruits contain water.
    * A diabetic can have about 2 fruits on a daily basis.
    * Citrus fruits such as lime, oranges are very good.
    * Grapefruit.
    * Olives.
    * Apple.
    * Rose Apple.

Fruits to be avoided by Diabetics

    * Mango.
    * Custard apple.
    * Sapodilla
    * Grapes.
    * Bananas.

Diabetic can also enjoy the taste of vegetables and fruits , although they may have to forgo certain vegetables. Their diet must contain plenty of vegetables and fruits.....

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Diabetic Diet
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Diabetic Diet
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add brown(unpolished) rice and remove white(polished) rice.
same applies to wheat also.

Should have regular citrus(orange juice or lemon juice)

Also regular walking after dinner and pranayama in mornings will control all diseases


Diabetic Diet
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As varenya said Fast walking and pranayamas like Kapalabhati & baahya,bastrika,anuloma and viloma are also considerable factors.....


Diabetic Diet
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u can actually check the products of Monavie...i see them working giving good results...let me know if any 1 is interested


Diabetic Diet
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Agreed with varenya... well said.

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