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food that block n burn fat
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[rquote=368&topic=113&author=SaSirEkha]thanks for the info
can you tell me how to gain bone weight without putting on any extra fat[/rquote]
Bone density is increased when you do any exercise that puts the weight of gravity onto the bones - in other words, walking, running, weight training, etc.

But not swimming, because the floating effect of water does not subject the bones to the stress of gravity, even though it does exercise the muscles. Cycling too does not pound on the bones.

If you do a lot of walking it will keep the bone structure dense and strong. Make sure you get enough calcium, magnesium too and vitamin D - check what the healthy quantities should be.

Dairy foods and nuts contain calcium and magnesium. We can get vitamin D formed from being in the sunlight, also from milk, eggs and oily fish.
Vitamin D is a fat soluble vitamin, which means it is absorbed in the presence of fat, and it is also needed by the body to absorb calcium from foods.
Skimmed milk still has the calcium and vitamin D but because the fat has been removed from the milk you cannot absorb the calcium or the vitamin D.
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food that block and burn fat
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food that block n burn fat
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Hi charmvirgo.. thanks for the post :)
i already started walking 1 hour per day and also trying calcium supplements
hope this works


food that block n burn fat
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check this weight management milk shake...Monavie RVL...let me know if u need more info...

Exercise is must to keep ur body fit

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