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Irregular Menstruation
« on: December 16, 2010, 02:34:58 PM »
Dear All,

My wife got Menstruation twice in one month, is there is any problem and this is the second time that she have a Menstruation twice in a single month after a duration of 2-3 months.

Please let me know the causes of this problem and Solution for this, as we are trying for a baby.


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Irregular Menstruation
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Irregular Menstruation
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it is normal for women whose bodies undergo hormonal fluctuation once in a while.
But if getting 2 periods per month becomes regular, she should get blood test done.

possiblities are excess sugar level in blood or impure blood

this problem will not effect her pregnancy chances


Irregular Menstruation
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Thank you deepa.

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Irregular Menstruation
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if your wife is planning for a kid, then this irregular stuff will delay the process.

for remedy , use 3 wicks when she astrogles a deepam.
and place this in any godess temple or at home

for example, this image has 6 wicks, facing 2 different directions.

you can have 3 facing north, north-east and east directions

1 wick is used to place near head of dead people
2 wicks are used for normal pooja
3 wicks to remove obstacles related to progeny, health, naga dosham, sarpa dosham etc
In a day..when u dont come across any problems... you can be sure that you are traveling in wrong path - SWAMI VIVEKANANDA


Irregular Menstruation
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Thanks Madam, I let know this to my wife, we use 2 wicks while offering Pooja.

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