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Started by dr.shivanimehta, March 03, 2011, 10:00:21 PM

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hello, i have been reading quite a few posts here and have developed real admiration for the work you people do.. although, i dont have much knowledge in astrology to be able to contribute, im hoping someone could help me out here.

i am preparing for my US medical exams and i have faced immense amount of delays in getting my application accepted.. things that normally take 3 wks, it took me 9 months to clear.. starting july 24, 2010 to finally getting accepted on march 1, 2011..

now i am supposed to be choosing a date in april 2011 to take my exam... im hoping kp astrology could help me choose a good date to take the exam and help me get through this smoothly and with a good score...

following are my details:

DOB: 4th Jun, 1985
TOB: 5:30 am IST (+5:30 GMT)
POB: Rajkot, Guj, India (22° 18\' N, 70° 56\' E)

Current place of residence: Orlando, FL, US (28° 30\' N, 81° 22\' West)

Location of Exam: Maitland, FL (28° 37\' N, 81° 21\' West)
Date: need help in choosing from these options available in april 2011 : 1st, 4th, 11th, 12th, 18th, 23rd, 25th, 26th
Time: 8 / 8 30 am - 6/6 30 pm (8 hr exam) EST (-5:00 GMT)

can anyone help?

if i have to pick a number, i choose: 99


april 12 and 18 are best possible dates.
other dates are not good enough.

but even on 12th or 18th, exam will not be easy for you

you have to cross venus dasa(ends by october 2011) and enter sun dasa for better education in medicine
next 6 yrs from 2011 october will be better than past few yrs


thank you so much for your reply..

you are so right abt the past few yrs... i always lagged behind my ambition..
but right now, the thing is if I dont get a high score in this exam, no sun dasa will be able to help me get a position in a hospital at the end of the year..

its disappointing to know :( ... hopefully hard work pays off..
thank you for you insight. i appreciate it.


your venus dasa is almost at end, so if you try harder you can push the luck and succeed in april.
jupiter is helping from 1st week of may, but saturn is not helping till nov 2011.
also saturn is in virgo(which is medicine field controller sign)
so do some fasting on saturdays  till you see fav. results


i can do that.. i can push it.. n i can fast.. so thats nice to know.. n anyway, if i take it in april, my result doesnt come out till may end..

its motivating to hear smthing positive.. thanks DCP!!!


18th is best date for you.
if your result is coming out after may 8th, then you will see much positive result than expected


thanks JayTee.. i booked 18th.. somehow i got a good vibe abt it too..!! hope\'s up.. will let u know how it goes.. thanks!