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Started by sonipravin, May 08, 2011, 10:05:11 AM

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Respected Astrologers,

I am a businessman and want to know whether 2 of the inquiries for business transactions which are pending will materialise in the near future. I got the number 145 today morning at approx 9.10 a.m. Mumbai. One deal is for exports and other one in India.

Pravin Kumar

Birth Date Time Place. 2/4/1948, 12.05 p.m. Mumbai


indian one has chance to materialise first and it should happen this year
foriegn one will take more time because when you asked question saturn is retro

since your dasa is saturn-venus(from march 2011), it involves trade within short distance travel
venus on constellation of 3rd lord sun and sub of saturn
sani was retro in birth chart too, so business will move slowly but surely


Dear Jaytee,

Thanks for  your prediction. I will keep in mind. Indian one might materialise this year -- when approximately? End of this year of say August/September?

Thanks once again.

Pravin Kumar