Common Wealth Games - Astrology Question

Started by sonipravin, August 01, 2010, 05:20:32 PM

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Respected Astrologers,

As we all read about the Commonwealth Games coming in Delhi and read all negative reports about it I wish to ask the following:

1.  Will the Common Wealth Games be held and be successful venture for our country i.e. with all the adverse comments on the incompletion of Stadiums, road and leakages etc. will those countries who come be happy with the arrangement.

2.   And will everything be completed in time before the Games Comment.

Pravin Kumar


since jupiter is retro when this question is asked and games are starting on oct 3rd(jup still remains retro but in own constellation) so few works will be left incomplete, but delhi govt will try to hide them and go on as scheduled earlier.

other country players will return after oct 14th(when games are completed with some difficulty) unsatisfied