Lost my astro ring

Started by Shree, July 22, 2012, 04:11:50 PM

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Hi Friends, i lost my astrological ring yesterday night. It was a gold ring with a Pokhraj stone as was suggested by an Astrologer. I think i left it in a badminton court and forgot to pick it up while coming back around 10:15PM. Is there any way i might find it ?
I have already searched it in home and asked people at the gym.
Also i am concerned is this signifies anything like a bad period, for me and i shd be careful. Apart from the monetary value i am more concerned abt any forthcoming negative impact. I was trying for a change of job in the next 3/4 months and also there are marriage plans towards the end of the year. Can i please get some guidance or help on this matter.



Dear friends any help on this ? Bit concerned if the bad times will continue for long, i am fining it difficult to find a better job also.



pls post your birth details (if already posted in some other thread, then give a link here)
or else tell us the time when you left the ring and when you realised that its lost.

also if you wanna try horary, yu can pick a number between 1-249


Dear Omkara
My DOB  is 4th May 1980, time 2:42 AM (early morning of 4th may) and place in Puri (Odisha).

I lost the ring in the gym - last i remember i had it was around 10 PM on saturday, July 21. I chose the number 99. Since it been a sometime since i lost it not sure if it will work. I have tried looking for it in all possible places and have inquired multiple times with the  people in the gym to see if anybody has seen it.



ring will not come back as lagna at the time when you lost it is aspected by saturn and mars.
mainly saturn will not give it back.
also, rahu the thief is in 8th house, which will not return it.

because of the dual nature of lagna, its not possible to locate the ring.
also lagna lord jupiter being influenced by ketu and rahu, will not bring it back.

horary number selected 99 gives cancer asc, and 7th sublord is rahu again.
7th cusp is thief and generally sani and rahu will not return the item.

according to your horoscope, you dont need pukhraj with gold.
neither jupiter is doing any extraordinary good nor its dasa is running now.

you will be entering moon dasa in 2 months and bad transits of saturn since 2007 are ending today.
this should make you travel long distance in next 10 yrs.
dont worry about lost useless stone.. may be lost valuable gold should be regretted


Thanks Bhavani, Honestly speaking i didn\'t believe in gemstone a lot, but do care about the emotions of parents, who wanted me to wear the ring and had made the ring by putting a lot of effort by consulting a lot of people. I am more concerned about the future in career and personal life, as i have been going through rough time since a long long time.

Regarding the dual nature of lagna - is it because of being born in lagna sandhi ? as some astrologers said i have Aquarius lagna and some have said Pisces, even i have got different answers using different astro software\'s.

Regarding the travel part - will it be coming with some change of job, as i have been trying for a job change for some time. In the past i have avoided lucrative jobs overseas, as i wanted to be in India, my country and contribute to my place and didnt like being away for long from family and friends.



Dear seniors, do you see any possibility of change of job in the next 3-4 months ?. Specifically i am looking to shift from MumbAi to Bangalore, is any such possible in the near future?. Also is Jan 2013 a good time for marriage decisions
any guidance on these matters will be really helpful.

Thanks and regards