enquiry about robbery ? can we recover lost item ?

Started by Sushma, June 16, 2009, 11:17:45 AM

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Hi virinchi , last sunday i lost my handbag while shopping.
i put that handbag aside while picking few items for selection and when i turned around, it was gone.

i was in a busy street so cant say who took it.
i lost a mobile worth rs.4000, and some cash with that bag.

it happened around 11:30am on sunday

can you predict who took it and will it return to me or not


it was loss of concentration that made you take away your eyes from your bag for a while
some body who knew who you are took it.
after taking it , now the bag is in south-east direction. later items in it were sold at north direction to the place of theft.

you wont get them back
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that was excellent work virinchi
i tried that horary chart last night during makara lagna and found rahu in lagna, which showed that lost item can\'t be recovered

you even predicted who took it and where was it sold !
cheers :cool:


wow ! i never knew that horary method can be used to find lost items etc too
can you find about missing /kidnapped/absconded people also?
just curious :blush:


this is something amazing stuff
after seeing this i have a question
will ask in new thread


Let me know more about the longevity of this person..

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Hope to receive early reply from you all

thanking you
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you should stop asking such queries


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