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Exam Date

Started by aastha93, March 23, 2011, 01:12:38 PM

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I need to know the best dates for appearing in the competitive exam. I have slots between 1st of april to 22 of May,2011 to choose from.

My DOB is 14 January,1993. TOB 9:42 AM. Place of Birth is Chandigarh.

Place of examination is also Chandigarh.

I can choose any of the above mentioned dates for the Medical entrance.

Please let me know which dates are good to choose.
I pick up three as the number if i have to choose from.


April 10th is your best date during that period.
But its sunday. so if you cannot pick that date, then go for 18th april or 30 april or 7th may.

those are best possible dates in above order


Thanks for such a prompt response.

But I can\'t book any of the above said dates as they either fall on a sunday or are previously booked. Please make another reading for my query and exclude the dates which fall on a Sunday.

Thank you again for looking into my query.  


you should have first told which dates are available for you


I am trying for 7th of May. Will keep you update if i m able to book it. If not, I ll post the next available slots shortly.

Thank you so much.:)


did u pick may 7th ?


Finally there\'s a confirmation for May 7th. Thanks a lot for all the guidance and help but recently you have been inactive at this forum. Still I ll keep an update regarding the Exam.


just found sometime today to be online.
Good that you got a comfortable date when moon is favourable.
Let us know how your exam went.

I think you will toil hard on that hot day but still feel satisfied


I have qualified the exam. But still the \"satisfaction\" lacks somewhere because the amount of hardwork I had put in was far more than the results. Maybe, its useless to push my luck. Now it all depends on the rank I get. Though I should be hopeful of a good rank, but I feel like giving up all hopes. Stuck in patterns of negativity !...


good that you qualified but sorry about that \'lack of satisfaction\' which was already seen in your chart