shall i get job work?

Started by msrhprasad, August 14, 2013, 01:16:58 PM

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Learned Members,
one of our old client is going to start new plant. i have asked them (women - she is) for job work behalf of our company. Her response is just neutral. if necessary i will need to meet her M.D. to get job work for my company.
Now my question is shall i expect job work?
My selected no. is 128 and time of framing question is between 1-15p.m to 1.20p.m



Hi Prasad,
To my understanding..your wish seems to be not fullfilling...
I am just ametuer...plz confirm me once you know the conclusion.

Thanks & Regards,
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Thank you predictor...yes also looking other Members response pls.


answer i get is 'NO'


Regret for late response.
Thank you Dear Jay Tee.


feed back Jaytee,
got job work, but no payment made since May 2014... :-\ :( myself and my office made several phones and mails and visits...
at last we conclude that, its bad debits, the client is decided defaulter. >:( job work but no service... :'(