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Good time....????

Started by adnan.raza1985, June 28, 2013, 12:01:55 PM

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hi to all....
my name is Adnan i want to ask that my financial status is not good... did business in past bt didnt succeed suffer allot in past...
recently i m doing birds breeding business... so can this business will gave me good income???
if delay then how much time will it takes....????
when my good time will starts???

d.o.b is 20th jan 1985
time is not confirmed bt early morning...


if you don't know time of birth and place, then pick a number between 1-249 for your horary question


oh sorry sir birthplace is KARACHI.....
yeah time not sure....
41 is ma choise.....


According to horary, your present business will end.
You won't be doing this for long term.
From ending of 2014 or early 2015, you can expect good time and change into another business.
You will recover all lost money from that time


ooppsss its mean no goood hope for me from this year or in this bussiness... :(
well thanks allot @ Varenya  for helping me.... :)