Marrying a Married woman

Started by vhk, May 28, 2013, 11:08:29 AM

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will i marry a married woman

date of birth:16/9/1985
time of birth:morning timing approx between 8-10am
place of birth:bijapur, karnataka.

i think my astro details are

thank you...


complicated to arrive at exact birth time and without knowing that, one cannot suggest anything to you.
but based on hasta nakshatra, you need to wait atleast till 2014 november before taking any major decision

do you atleast have birth data of that woman ?


its 5th october 1988 approx time might be ashlesha nakshtra & capricorn.


capricorn ascendant starts after around 2 hrs from the birth time you mentioned.
since you dont have accurate info of both, pick a number between 1 - 249 for horary and this topic can be merged into vhk's old topic or moved into horary board


her rashi might be cancer(karkataka).i would choose 235


number 235 corresponds to chart at midnight today and answer is YES.
her ruling planets match to horary chart and also yours.

but since its related to love, 5th and 11th sublord saturn is Retrograde now, so the process will be delayed and will happen eventually


thank you Varenya ji i would like to mail you few personal things (about my family) so can i have any email id.


varenya ji i would like to say one big thing that she was forcefully married on 12/5/2013 but she is staying away from him as he & her parents have forced her to marry him even after she said "i don't like you/him". Till November 2014 i cant do anything(bad time). From 1st day of marriage she is waiting to leave him thinking that i will marry her after bad time. So now there are two things (1)if i keep calm things will go as she likes (2)if i say "live your life even if its hell" she has to forget me.I feel my decision carries a lot of weight and it would be better if its ASAP. i could explain this situation in much clearer & deeper way but i don't know how far seniors would feel it is very serious issue so i preferred to keep it short........thank you......