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Started by jaggia, July 09, 2009, 04:09:34 PM

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Hi, i was denied promotion due to extraneous reasons. I want to know when i will get it. Also tell what remedy to do in case of an astrology or stars problem? Can someone analyse and identify the causes/ suggest remedies. I am totally new to the astrology. My d.o.b is 14 Dec, 1949, time 09-22 p.m (+ or - 10 mts), place of birth is Village Khiali near Raikot town lying 10 km towards north of Khiali, in Punjab. Currently I am at Chennai for the last 30 years. I have unsatisfactory relationship with spouse also and break up is possible. There is a court case also against me. Some friends(?) took my money too and swallowed. I am facing so many difficulties, and pls give guidance and advice. If a no. to be picked up, then I pick up 242.


you are born in cancer lagna, with saturn in 2nd , mars+moon+ket in 3rd, sun in 5 , mercury in 6, jup+venus in 7 and rahu in 9

you are running through saturn /rahu dasa

saturn dasa ending on july 2012 will end your woes of job but mercury will make you move to a new place or some how quit this job in next 2 years
also sade-sathi is in effect and will cause too many troubles in next 5 years

money will come back after 3 years only and that too in installments but may not be total amount

court case will also be solved after 2012 july

relation may not breakup with spouse, but it will be a nagging experience

you need to worship your ancestors and elders if any
donate to physically handicapped people on saturdays and feed crows
keep visiting hanuman mandir and lord shiva on saturdays till you get rid off all problems


Thank u it is really an interesting to know things with that kind of surety. I just wanted to know whether this is as per indian system, western, bengal, kerala system as i heard they differ. Further, if sade-sathi is upto july 2012, then why troubles in next 5 years. could u pls check up when will I quit the job, whether i will change residential town, go to which place. whether i will do another job, which one. sorry i think i am troubling u too much.


i think people here use krishna murti paddati (KP) which is precise and i think you got it wrong about sade-sathi

saturn maha dasa is different from sade-sathi


i dunno but more learned members hav to enlighten. Also is sade sati only giving troubles, or doing some good also in some field or the other.


we use KP mostly because we can get to calculate sublords easily which can give precise predictions

you have sani mahadasa till 2012, but sade sathi is different.
sani transits between 3 rasis (one before your moon raasi, your moon rasi and next rasi for 7.5 years each) and you have seen only first phase of 2.5 years
so he said you still have 5 years of it

sadesathi is not that harmful if you follow some strict rules

1. quitting alchohol
2. quit meat food
3. quit extra marital affairs
4. harming/cheating others
5. hurting animals
6. bad temper

i dont mean you have all of them, but if you have any thing above now, then quit it for next 5 years
and follow remedies suggested by DCP above
Wanting to learn vast ranged Astrology only to predict few sport events is like Marrying only for Sex !

The greatest mistake you can make in life is to be continually fearing you will make one !


Oh that is very, very revealing. i being a ex-military man do have some of the above though i cant giv u details. particularly on no. 6 - yes it is there. I try to control, make resolves to be calm, but then u never know how and why i loose temper, all of a sudden and react violently, or with angry, abusive words. tell me if there is any method to ensure that i keep cool at all times.
I wanna about KP (Krishnamoothy Paddhati) - how it differs from other systems, salient characteristics, how old this system is, started by whom, in practice or vogue in which areas of india, its comparative advantages or plus points vis-a-vis other systems, how costly, etc.
if anyone of u - DCP or Virinchi - cud spare some time to analyse my private matters, pls b gud enough to send a msg at jaggia5atyahoodotcom.


i posted my problem on the website indicated above a few days ago. i shall be grateful to the learned masters of this special astrological system to kindly guide me as i am suffering quite a bit for the last 6 years and with me, my mom & near relatives are also suffering. We need badly-needed relief asap.


according to data given by you and what people have written for you above, i can see that your sani period till 2012 will be unsatisfactory.
mercury period will give you change of place or a new job which requires frequent travelling

that will start in 2012 only

to geton with next 2.5 years or so , just follow those 6 rules above.
Sani is a strict planet and doesnt allow those things when his period is under progress
if we go against those rules, results can get worse

do a small tantrik trick to get some relief from saturn
take a small pot(small enough to fit in palm) made of clay and fill it with gingelly oil.
cover it with a lid made of clay again and tighten its lid with a cloth (preferbly red color)

immerse this pot in a river or in sea during night.
if you immerse in sea , walk into the beach and , then dig the sand below your feet with hand and bury this pot and cover with sand.

waves should pass though the surface above this later
this may sound illogical to you but do this on a saturday night and see results
also dont forget 6 rules above