An urgent query regarding my father

Started by tritha, January 26, 2011, 04:13:30 AM

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Respected astrologer,
For a few days, I\'m searching for my father\'s birthdate since he still doesn\'t know it exactly. Below are a few details about him--

Name: A.S.M. Abdul Hamid
Date of birth: Approximately March 15-April 13
Year of birth: 1943
Place of birth: Bapta village, Bhola upazila, Bhola district, Barisal division, Bangladesh (Approximately falls at 2° 42\' 0\" North, 90° 39\' 0\" East)
Family: 3 sisters and 2 brothers, all elders. All family members including both parents are deceased, except for the 2nd sister.
Completed Masters from home country: 1966
Education in abroad: MS in Social Science, then halfway through PhD. from USA in 1969.
Got married on: 6th October 1970.
Father\'s death: 1983
Mother\'s death: 1985
First child born: 1985
Second child born: 1990
Started current job: 2003
Suffered from Heart Attack: 2004
Pancreas trouble: 2008
Gall bladder operated on: 2009
Expected to retire from job: February 1, 2011

As the eldest child, I believe it\'s my duty to honour my father\'s birthdate and allow him the pleasure of enjoying it exactly when it happened. Please, I\'d be most obliged if my query is met with an answer, thank you.


it cannot be found through horary as range of dates in more than a month.
its hard to narrow down time(lagna) in 24 hrs span, so its impossible to find date in 1 month span.

you can consult some professional astrologer personally who can work on this if he has time and patience.
or else, if you live in india, try meeting a naadi astrologer who can take a close guess
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