Help me with the lagna

Started by t_aravindkumar, November 02, 2010, 10:14:22 PM

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Hi sir,

I am male, I was born in Tenali, Andhra pradesh on 15-july-1984.
my birth time is 12.00 to 12.30 noon. i am unable to know my lagna as there are two lagnas in that period (virgo, libra).
i had asked few astrologers and their predictions are not completely matching. I think i may had born in lagna sandhi. This doubt is circling in my mind from several years.

can you please help me with that.....



i have some questions for you.

1. do you have younger sister(s)?
2. are you married?
3. how is your relation with your mother? and wife (if married)
4. your height

and pls pick a number between 1-249 for horary


1. i don\'t have any younger sister, i have 1 elder brother and 1 elder sister.
    i am the last child for my parents.

2. i am not married.

3. my relation with my mother is good.

4. height ---- 5 feet 7 inches

5. i pick the number 3




Thanks a lot for the help.......