lost bracelet pls help will i find it some day

Started by tara, August 16, 2011, 12:01:32 AM

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Hello friends,
   I know my birth date but I am posting this in Horary astrology to ask a question that matters for one particular day.

First let me tell my mistake
On friday I performed varmaha lakshmi pooja and unknowingly I end the pooja the same day I believe i was not suppose to end and move teh god on Friday that too lakshmi,
I regret my mistake but after i did i had to understand.

on Saturday I clean the house and afternoon watched a movie in the house itself and in the evening I went out for groceries, on my way back home THATs the time i realized i lost my bracelet  i went back and search all the placed i did groceries  and search in house no luck could not find the bracelet. pls let me know will i ever find it? or have i lost it completely should i search some place where i have left behind? Please advice.
not sure if this will help my DOB is 12th October 1971 at 7:26 AM I am cancer moon sign and karkataka raasi.
~sad Tara


going by the time of query asked, it was lost in N-E corner and now possibly with someone whom you know.
search your house again thoroughly and if its not in home then it wont come back.

when query was asked , rahu was in prasna lagna(East time zone taken), so its stolen by someone or lying in hidden place.
Its moved from original place where you lost it


Dear tara, its true as said by varenya. whn i read yr query placed horary chart; rahu here was playing a major role. me too see the same situations tht yr bracelet is somehwere in north east direction.

i suppose venus transit shd be helpful.venus is transiting in leo tomm. Try to search in the puja material or godess wht so u mentioned. If aft this too u dnt get thn i suppose ;sorry u have lost it.

Also i dought on any female or maid. i dought.
With best wishes tht u get it back. gudluck.


Thanks Varenya and life9+

Varenya, I will again search in North east corner ( which is where i have my god room) will search the house again if i don\'t find it then it is some back luck time i suppose as i made a mistake of ending the pooja on Friday.


NO Luck !!! i guess I lost it after all the worry....