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Started by jamie, March 24, 2011, 10:41:35 PM

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will my love(childhood friend) and i be in a relationship?i knew he liked me before,but i didnt respond well as i had i concentrate on my studies also,i was very skeptical about relationships( as my parents dont share a healthy one.)
later i realised how much i liked him,but he is with someone else there any chance of him coming back?
my dob is:22-08-1991
time:09:28 am


what if he doesnt come back?
will you quit studies and die ???

your post reminded me of a girl who was 29 when i met her.
she was not getting married and she felt its better to die rather than remain burden to her parents.

Now she\'s 35 and still unmarried and also ALIVE ::))

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your\'s is not a do or die situation, so ignore it and move on
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