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Started by rdganesh74, December 14, 2011, 06:09:07 AM

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Dear All


I am planning to take my CSCP ( APICS ) exam on 9/01/2012.
What are the chances of getting cleared. I have spend too much on this exam.. nearly 2Lakhs for books & classroom, exam fees
Passing this exam will lead to my betterment of career..

my pick number is 39




I just now tried checking the horary for your query. Sorry to say this. It\'s not that much supportive. The chances are bleak. Anyway pray the God and work hard, we\'ll check once again later. Or let\'s see whether any of the seniors are coming up with any other answers. Let\'s hope for the best. All the Best!
Thanks & Regards,

Whoever you are & whatever you do, if your attitude is not good you are just 'Nothing'.


Dear Sir

As you predicted, I lost the exam in 7 marks.
I am planning to retake this exam in Apr 2012. Will I able to clear this by Apr 2012..



Good day

My name is Diwakar Ganesh and I have request to all.
Jan 2012 this year, I have given an exam for a professional certificate from US institute.

In have lost the exam in 7 marks. this May 2012, on 16th I am going to write again. I have spend nearly $4000 for this training, books and towards exam fees etc. It really put dent on pocket already..

I humbly  request.. can you pls tell me this time will I able to clear the exam..

My details:

Name :Diwakar Ganesh
Time19:34 hrs
Place :Madras
Date: 12th June 1974


transits and ruling planets look more favorable for may 16th.
you should be able to score better than last time
Wanting to learn vast ranged Astrology only to predict few sport events is like Marrying only for Sex !

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I was busy then and hence didn\'t see your request itself. Sorry!
BTW, what happened to your Test? Have you cleared it?
Thanks & Regards,

Whoever you are & whatever you do, if your attitude is not good you are just 'Nothing'.