Trouble in Work place

Started by VBC, May 09, 2010, 01:15:40 AM

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A friend of mein 56 year old, is having some problems in her office.Her , will they quit me from the job or I take early retairment.The Kp nr is 201. On 08.05.2010 at 21:05 (Berlin DST 1h) .The sub lord of 10H Mercury(R) is in NL Ketu in 5(Rasilord is Mercury is in 2 and Lord of 5,6,8)
The sublord of 6H is Saturn(R) is in NL Sun in 2. Sat is lord of H1.

Both sublords are (R) what does it mean ?

can some one guide me ?


Ruling Planets are  Jupiter,Venus,Saturn(R)


when you have already check R.P for a particular time like 8:05 PM, then whats the point in taking a number for k.p sublords
both are contradictory methods
use only one


I have also same problem