unknown birth time and date also

Started by deepa, May 19, 2009, 05:06:40 PM

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i have a family friend who is close to my father in business
he doesnt know about his date and time of birth

he just remembers that he was born few minutes before full moon entered and was born in a village , PARIGI in rangareddy districit near hyderabad in india

he dropped from school and doesnt have any school record to get nearest possible date

he just remembers that year must be 1966
can anyone help him get his details and chart?

i know its complicated job though

Star Dust

i think you should ask a query or pick a number to cast a chart i guess
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i have few questions

1. which season was he born in

2. day/night

3. or just pick a number between 1-249


hello DCP

he doesnt know any details

i pick 202 for him


hi deepa

based on your query and number u picked and time at which i read ur U2U messages

i cast a chart for him

he\'s born on 28th august 1966 around 6pm with Aquarius Lagna, and dhanista constellation.

he must be into transport business primarily and struggled in 90s to establish it

since past 6-7 years its been running good.
if this is true, then he must be running saturn dasa since 2002.

he\'s got saturn in 2nd house, jupiter+mars in 6th, moon in 12th, sun in 8th

he must have got married twice or must have 2 unofficial wives and 2 kids
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thanks virinchi
YES ! he\'s in transport business and has been doing good since 2002 only
he\'s married twice and lives with both wives and 2 kids he got from 2nd wife

he married 2nd wife because 1st wife couldnt give him kids



moon is on hasta nakshatra till 5:40PM on that day


you can use the jyotish tools in downloads section of main site to find out yourself
use N.C.Lahiri ayanamsa


why does it matter when a star starts and ends?