Will she recover from accident ?

Started by Aindrita Ray, March 04, 2010, 08:04:29 PM

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Aindrita Ray

Hi learned astrologers,
today i went to hospital to visit my grandfather who was admitted for low b.p and loss of consciousness

i saw a girl who must be about 20 years of age being brought there due to accident.
they told me that she skidded off her bike when it went out of control and fell under a truck
the truck hit her on her head.
right now she\'s unconscious and her family is anxiously praying.
doctors say it\'ll take 48 hours to say anything clearly..

will she be okay?
as i dont know her birth details but my heart felt for her and her family, so i\'m asking here in horary section.


aindrita, pick a number from 1-249 or just post exact time when you saw and thought about her in hospital

Aindrita Ray

i dont remember exact time . it was around 3 hours back

i pick number 66


Appreciate your humane quality.

According to your post looks like you saw this incident around 5 PM IST ?

DCP, Would Aindrita\'s DOB combined with horary will be more accurate ?  or just the time or number is best ?

Hope the girl will be fine.


the number chosen is 66 and its makes lagna fall between 3-20 deg and 5-26 deg in cancer and date was yesterday (4th march 2010)

question is related to hospitalization and recovery
pls refer this

8th cusp sublord is deposited in one of the maraka sthana lord(sun) and is retrograde in 3rd house.
so the girl will spend more time in hospital, atleast till saturn becomes straight from retrogression (this is happening in may only). so she can\'t walk alive (if she recovers) from hospital before may.

now for discharge from hospital, see this
since 4th cusp sublord mercury is  connected to only one of the three significators of 2,4,11 houses here ( sun, venus, rahu), she will recover but slowly.
mercury is in constellation of satabisha(owned by rahu) and rahu is in constellation of poorvashada(owned by venus) in 6th house.

since rahu is slow moving planet and in 6th house, it denotes sickness for prolonged time.

So the girl will be discharged from hospital in may but will take more time to become totally normal

Hi shadow, here aindrita\'s DOB will not be useful as matter is not related to her


interesting DCP !
so saturn is getting straight around may 3rd week.
will she remain in hospital till then ?
when will she gain consciousness


8th lord saturn is connected to Mars(R).
saturn-mars conjunction shows accident through metal
saturn(metal), mars(cuts, wounds and blood)

she will gain consciousness when mars goes straight on march 11th 2010
but she will be in bed till saturn remain retrograde

Aindrita Ray

i just returned from that hospital. was there to visit my grandpa again.
though doctors said she will gain consciousness in 24-48 hours, she didn\'t gain it even after 48 hours
i wish your prediction of march 11th comes true


ohhh i\'m too curious and anxious to see what happens on march 11th