Author Topic: Do you believe in Astrology at young age ?  (Read 16030 times)


Do you believe in Astrology at young age ?
« on: August 13, 2009, 02:32:19 PM »
i heard many people saying \" u believe in astrology in so young age?? dont do it so.. cos it distracts u from ur realistic competition\"

 when ppl believe in wearing gems, rings, holdin up yantras etc (max of all are fake items) for luck, then why not some1 know astrology or get it predicted n do remedies for betterment??

after it is all for good..

how come its good for elders but a bad-thing for youngers. on a young atrologer or a kid interested in astro-science, many aunties/uncles react as if the person is doing some nasty-criminal act. why so???


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Do you believe in Astrology at young age ?
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Why is astrological guidance needed?
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yea poori.. i too noticed some such reactions over young astrologers..

they do this so, maybe cos they wanna see thr/other  kids to have a healthy competition than  know such sciences n get addicted to them..usually many people rely mostly on things like astrology,gems,yantras,stones, pujas just to attain god great luck n success, which in all turns make them weak to straight-face competitions..

i wanna mention that astro is to get relief from problems/negativity but not for to get complete solution(it happens afew many cases u c)..

one should remember that \"nasthiks\" too have successful stories..


Why is astrological guidance needed?
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its their thinking. they all expect u to study money making courses only
but in reality, your education will not make you rich
your degree will only may give u a job to work under a richer guy who may not have as many degrees as u
Wanting to learn vast ranged Astrology only to predict few sport events is like Marrying only for Sex !

The greatest mistake you can make in life is to be continually fearing you will make one !


Why is astrological guidance needed?
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our ancestors who are not oxford masters, made extreme amazing monuments/solutions for every disaster... what are we graduates giving for our genX other than diseases..


Why is astrological guidance needed?
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people are born only with ignorance
but this education system will make them fools

Ravi Varma

Why is astrological guidance needed?
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ask them to stop consulting astrologers for auspiscious timings and dates for all functions at their houses like weddings etc
AND BE REALISTIC :lol::lol: IN COMPETITION :smilegrin:

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Do you believe in Astrology at young age ?
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Why is astrological guidance needed?
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What Astrology Stands for?

Jyotish means the divine light of the God. The function of light is to make everything visible. Astrology endeavors to do the same in the life of an individual. This attempt has been made from ancient times and the science of astronomy which developed in India was also closely related with astrology.

The opinions of individual astrologer may vary depending upon the parameters employed. However, competent astrologers have always been respected despite wrong utilization by vested interests for quick material gains.

Astrology was developed by Rishis, Saints and yogis to help human being lead a good, happy and safe life. Some people believe that future is written in black and white, but Gyanis (knowledgeable) take future as an indication only. They, shape up their future with divine knowledge.

Astrology would have lost its relevance if it was only a tool of knowing about future. Gyanis take it as a tool to know the karmic impressions which is embedded in the soul. If the Karma of the native is good enough, he finds a good astrologer who helps him decipher the karmic issues in his horoscope and the effect it is likely to cause in his life.

Resolving Health Related Problems:-

“Prevention is better than cure” goes the maxim. Astrology helps us to prevent a mishap, or onset of ailments by timely advice. Such advice is instrumental in saving an individual from big tragedies. Sometimes an onset of disease can also be diverted by timely advice. For example a person with afflicted Jupiter has a chance of attracting diabetes. If he takes astrological advice, he can take steps to control the disease. He can control his food habits and maintain an exercise schedule. A person can escape from accidental death if he is aware of any such possibility. This can be done by using prescribed spiritual tools.

It is worth-while to remember that we need good health and happiness to lead a trouble free life. God will be more than happy to help us in directing us to our goal. If we take recourse to Raksha Kavach and Stotras, this can also solve our Karmic problems.

A correct diagnosis of the effect of the planets which is responsible for health problems can be done only by a competent astrologer.

Professional Growth:-

Astrology is a handy tool to help an individual optimize his career prospects. It can help in choosing the career or line that can help in optimizing his talent and make his future secure. It can also guide about the time of uncertainty in career and also help in timing job changes and other related matters.

Most, of the problems that a person faces in his career can be understood by astrology. Astrological remedies can at times work wonders in resolving problems pertaining to career. Sometimes, an individual feels difficult in maintaining a cordial relationship with seniors and subordinates. This can also be due to particular traits manifested by some planets. Corrective measures can be taken by diagnosing the problem.

Marriage Issues:-

Astrology is an effective tool to find the right match for an individual. The promises of the horoscope can help an individual in judging the temperament of the bride / bridegroom and also help in fixing the best time for marriage. Horoscope also gives a glimpse of the marital life which starts after solemnization of marriage.

Astrology is an effective tool to judge relationship problems, issues of separations etc. It can also serve as an effective tool to heal the problems being faced by the couple by following some prescribed remedies.

Childbirth Related Issues:-

Astrology is used to know about chances of progeny in the horoscope of the couple. It can give information about the problems responsible for delay in childbirth. People come to astrologers after taking all possible help from medical experts. This increases the responsibility of an astrologer. Analysis should be done by prescribed techniques.

Issues such as miscarriages, abortions etc., can be clearly judged from the horoscope. “Brihat Parashara Hora Shastra” attributes the delay or difficulty in having a child to various curses and afflictions of the past life. It also prescribes remedies to lessen the impact of such curses. Astrologers should be consulted for childlessness.

Guidance about Finances and Business:-

Astrology has tools to judge the quantum of wealth, property and overall prosperity in a person\'s horoscope. The horoscope also gives guidance about the line of business that will be good for the native.

The ups and downs in the business, time for going slow and time to take risk can be clearly interpreted from a correctly drawn horoscope. Hence, knowledge of astrology can help in removing uncertainty in business to a very large extent and can help the individual grow in business. Information gives power and every horoscope contains information. This source of information should be utilized with the help of a competent astrologer.

Astrology is like an ocean. The areas where astrology guidance can be taken are only indicative and not comprehensive.


Why is astrological guidance needed?
« Reply #7 on: August 26, 2009, 12:36:13 PM »
they called it netra of vedas and a vedanga
means its an organ of a body called vedas and that organ is EYE
it can see(foresee and backsee) events and give us warnings, reasons about happenings


Why is astrological guidance needed?
« Reply #8 on: October 24, 2009, 03:16:22 PM »
people assume that all such occult sciences, philosophy etc shud be studied only after retirement.
whats the point in knowing your future after 60 yrs when you have nothing much left to do?
knowing future etc may not help us change it totally but atleast we can make up our minds


Why is astrological guidance needed?
« Reply #9 on: December 29, 2009, 07:37:14 PM »
it is god\'s science to help humans plan a better future.
if you don\'t believe it then you should not believe in god also

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