Author Topic: Why no publicity for this forum?  (Read 7108 times)


Why no publicity for this forum?
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The site is very nice. Definitely publicity required for this site.

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Why no publicity for this forum?
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Why no publicity for this forum?
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Good things need no extra publicity. It\'ll take care by itself. This is a very good site. If we keep referring our known people, it\'ll grow automatically. Now the total strength is around 360. If everyone refer 1 person a month itself, it\'ll get doubled in a month. Even if half of the people are doing it, It\'ll become 540 in a month.. If we keep on doing that, we can get around 5000 people in 1.5 yrs max.

We should try to make this site more attractive. Like more senior people should give more predictions. In the initial stages atleast, they shouldn\'t avoid predictions. Few people are giving very blunt answers here if anyone is asking for any predictions like \"this site is not for free predictions\". Or few queries are ignored simply without even answering. If these things happen, people will loose interest naturally and they\'ll go away. After doing all these things, we shouldn\'t speak about publicity.

If you think few people are just Spammers and they\'ll not stick around for a while, then keep them some cut-off like how we are having for U2U msgs. Keep 25 msgs as a cut-off for 1 question and like 50 msgs for full predictions. For Senior Illuminators, they should be able to contact between themselves freely for anything. If only money is the target, person will come pay and get the predictions and will go away. It\'s natural. The bondage won\'t be there. If we want bondage, we should do this.

Also we should give more predictions for Cricket matches and common causes like Anna Hazare and SaiBaba\'s health. Just look at the way, the world cup predictions attracted people. That\'s how we should do. If we expect Astrologers only, then the growth will also be slow. If you expect common person to be a part of this, naturally he\'ll expect something like personal predictions. We must be ready to do it.

Think in a positive way for growing our forum, mates!!! Without taking any steps, we can\'t simply say \"Forum is not growing\"!!! It\'ll grow!!!

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Why no publicity for this forum?
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I have seen many worst sites just making money in the name of astrology . SO i feel this site such a wonderful thing ... Shares there opinions for FREE FREE .. But publicity will definitely make grow this site enormous :) Genuine people always survives :) FB is the right platform

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