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108 Levels a Yogi(meditator) will cross
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Many of us know that a soul goes through various stages before becoming stable and merging with the creator.

Soul, when takes a form/body on earth , it will be initially immovable(rocks,land,mountains etc) which have no life and mind/thought.

in level 2 it takes body of plants and trees which have life but their mind/thought doesn\'t function.

in level 3 it takes body of birds, insects, animals etc which have life but their mind is limited to finding food, limited reproduction, saving itself from attacks etc.

in level 4 it takes human body where life and mind both exist and many times mind/thoughts go out of control.

Only through meditation and constant contemplation can a soul from human body emerge to 5th level where we no more need food, sex, sleep etc like our 3rd level companions.

Wanting to learn vast ranged Astrology only to predict few sport events is like Marrying only for Sex !

The greatest mistake you can make in life is to be continually fearing you will make one !

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108 Levels a Yogi(meditator) will cross
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108 Levels a Yogi(meditator) will cross
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1. Reaching a comfortable position of sitting in yoga.
(Aasana siddhi)

2. Energy Flowing (into 6 chakras, 720000 million nodes) and it starts clearing all Karma in DNA (this may be a slow process for many and may come in installments)

3. Body purification (this may also be done in installements)

4. Mental world ( where yogi starts recieving signals from masters in dreams/meditation/trance etc)

5. wisdom (where yogi\'s instincts guide him towards right and avoid wrong steps in life)

6. Peace of mind

7. Concentration (removal of fear)

8. consciousness

9. continue meditation (extraction of soul energy into studies, literature, writing, music, dance, maths, research, creative works etc)

(many people successful in creative fields, research scholars cross this stage)

10. Chakras activation (experiencing them)

11. Healing (ability to self cure and cure others nearby with methods like reiki, shaistu, pranic healing etc)

removal of karma is also done when physical and mental ailments are cured.

3 types of karma

1. sanchita(from many past lives) is removed at this stage.
2. prarabha(from past life) is removed by meditating under a powerful pyramid so that karma of many years can be removed in few hours.
3. aagami(from this life carried to next life) is removed and not geenrated by wisdom and knowledge


108 Levels a Yogi(meditator) will cross
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12. Rising of kundalini

a) yogic energy will enter mooladhara chakra and clear diseases like constipation, knee pains, skin diseases etc
b) it enter swadhishtana chakra  and repairs genitals, kidneys etc
c) enters manipooraka and rectifies indigestion, diabetes etc
d) enters anahata and stabilizes heart, lungs, B.P
e) in visuddha it rectifies thyroid
f) in agna chakra it cures night blindness, weak eye sight etc
g) in sahasrara it cures all mental blockages and psychological diseases

13. 3rd eye activation

kundalini energy enters pineal gland near brain when this gland secrets, human being feels he\'s beyond 5 elements of nature.
telepathy etc powers are obtained.

how to make pineal gland secrete :

a)surya namaskara for 5 mins for 20 days in front of rising sun
b)3 days before and after full moon just observe moon for 5 mins/night
c) daily look at a candle for 20 minutes for 40 days.
even when you blink you should imagine/see candle light.

any of above 3 methods is useful.

14. seeing colors

15. Black & White colors indicating energies

16. All colors

17. Gray becoming white

18. Gray & white becomes sky blue

19. Sky

20. yellow & green

21. orange

22. Red

23. All colors mixed with grey

24. stars

25. Moon

26. Sun

27. Gods (shapes of gods whom you believed in this life or worshipped in past lives)

28. Trees

29. Animals/ Birds

a)reptiles - energy is more active in mooladhara
b)creepers - energy is more active in manipura
c)animals in water - energy is more active in  swadhishtana
d)birds - energy is more active in anahata

30. Colonies / Villages (most of them come from past lives)

31. Cities (well developed and sometimes futuristic)

32. women and men (sometimes having sex and may be nude or talking to us)

33. Seers or Rishis (usually our spirit guides)

34. Past life incidents

35. present life incidents (happening parallelly at your place or some other place)

36. Future life (seeing future incidents of this life or next life/lives)

37. Sounds

38. words

39. Thought formation

40. Knowledge

41. Austral words

42. Intra Planet travel(visiting other parts of this earth)

43. Inter planet travel (visiting other planets in our solar system)

44. solar system travel

45. solar grid travel

46. dimensions travel

47. Myth travel

48. present dimensions travel

49. stars travel

50. one by one stars travel


108 Levels a Yogi(meditator) will cross
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51. Black hole travel

52. Vaikuntam (milky way) travel

53. milk energy travel

54. golden energy snake travel

55. sky blue color energy travel

56. Red energy travel

57. Mixing of Blue+Red energy travel

58. Violet energy

59. Love energy

60. Loving all creatures

61. with golden light energy

62. Thinking \"I am pure Gold\"

--- Till here one can see in dreams and cross those stages --

63. Seeing persons in other place with closed eyes along with their activities and ability to talk to their astral bodies to know answers


108 Levels a Yogi(meditator) will cross
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64. Astral bodies vision

65. creating crystal pyramids & energy bowels

66. washing astral & other bodies

67. calling astral bodies of dead

68. councelling of astral bodies

69. calling runners ( who can carry astral bodies to other dimensions)

70. delivering astral bodies to runners

71. talking with astral masters

72. giving knowledge to all astral masters

73. getting knowledge with/from others

74. seeing auric field

75. creating auric field.

76. Transfer of energy to others

77. cleaning of auric field (of others) with energy

78. mixing body, mind & aura

79. getting power to maintain auric fields

80. getting power to talk without karma & its results (his words come true)

81. doing work without getting karma

82. power of knowledge

83. mixing body, mind, aura knowledge with power.

84. talk with other Loka(world) persons

85. creating new lokas

86. mixing with sathya( ultimate truth)

87. mixing with chaitanya

88. dedication with full of power

89. dedicating with full of Joy( being happy & blissful & unselfish in this spiritual stage)

90. long step beyond Law of Karma

91. Making earthen body

92. making water body

93. making pressure body

94. making air body

95. dissolving with energy body

96. appearing with light body

97. appearing with weight body

98. flying in air with power

99. floating on water by air body (example : jesus, padmapaada)

100. create other body as the same (clone) & experience both emotions & incidents ( same in Avatar movie)

101. create multiple bodies like self or others

102. make th body like ball

103. male body like light ball

104. make a craft with power

105. journey with the craft by power (spiritual)

106. getting the power to mix with all properties & beings (unifying)

107. getting power by mixing body+mind+aura+soul+gnana(knowledge) to reach Universal Man stage

108. Live without time, space & dimensions (merging with ultimate truth/creator)


108 Levels a Yogi(meditator) will cross
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thats a great post
i think most of us crossed few of those stages in real life or in dreams

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108 Levels a Yogi(meditator) will cross
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Light Warrior

108 Levels a Yogi(meditator) will cross
« Reply #6 on: November 16, 2010, 07:05:16 PM »
i have seen people who crossed 63rd level Live !
only heard of other stages


108 Levels a Yogi(meditator) will cross
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people who reached stages of 70+ are also on earth but unknown to many


108 Levels a Yogi(meditator) will cross
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might b living isolated far away from this polluted society.


108 Levels a Yogi(meditator) will cross
« Reply #9 on: March 10, 2011, 11:04:40 PM »
It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society.
Jiddu Krishnamurti

So forget society and lets learn the real truth and discover about ourselves through observation.
Can I, as a human being, lead a different kind of life?

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