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Centered Sillyness - Laughing Meditation

Many people might be surprised to think of laughter as a form of meditation. Yet not only is laughing meditation one of the simplest forms of meditation, but also it is a very powerful one. The physical act of laughing is one of the few actions involving the body, emotions, and the soul. When we laugh, we give ourselves over to the immediacy of the present moment. We also are able to momentarily transcend minor physical and mental stresses. Practiced in the morning, laughing meditation can lend a joyful quality to the entire day. Practiced in the evening, laughing meditation is a potent relaxant that has been known to inspire pleasant dreams. Laughter also can help open our eyes to previously unnoticed absurdities that can make life seem less serious.

There are three stages to mindful laughter. Each stage can last anywhere from 5 to 20 minutes. The first stage involves stretching your body like a cat and breathing deeply. Your stretch should start at the hands and feet before you move through the rest of your body. Stretch out the muscles in your face by yawning and making silly faces. The second stage of the meditation is pure laughter. Imagine a humorous situation, remember funny jokes, or think about how odd it is to be laughing by yourself. When the giggles start to rise, let them. Let the laughter ripple through your belly and down into the soles of your feet. Let the laughter lead to physical movement. Roll on the floor, if you have to, and keep on laughing until you stop. The final stage of the meditation is one of silence. Sit with your eyes closed and focus on your breath.

Laughter brings with it a host of positive effects that operate on both the physical and mental levels. It is also fun, expressive, and a way to release tension. Learn to laugh in the present moment, and you\'ll find that joy is always there.


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right !
every night before sleeping read a jokes book partially or watch half a comedy movie and continue them in morning during breakfast
All day will be bright

Aindrita Ray

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it should be healthy comedy
not vulgar jokes

pravin kumar

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The person who started laughter therapy lives in Bombay, Andheri West Lokhandwala. I was in this laughter club. He said that initially there were only 15/20 persons from his building and to laugh people did crack vulgar jokes too. He stopped it for the purpose is to laugh without any jokes. You just laugh aloud to your hearts content and there are many poses and ways. Patiala laughter, jalgaon laughter and what not. The purpose is just to laugh so that all blockages in your body is cleared and you feel fresh. This then picked up as a movement and spread all over the world. We have laughter clubs everywhere and whenever you go there you will find people laughing without any rhyme or reason and looking funny.

The result is very good. One feels cheerful and healthy.

Pravin Kumar


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It is well said tht "laughter is also the best medicine"  ;D
whn i come across any low times i found tht laughing at tht time loudly makes me feel destressed.
so frnd...happy laughing.  ;D

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