Do angels exists as per hindu mythology

Started by jayesh the angel, February 01, 2015, 05:47:54 PM

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jayesh the angel

Dear all,

I am putting this questions out of curiosity and limited info that I have got online on angels and guiding sprits , with reference to hindu society, I have noticed time again my self in graving situations and still saved by some hidden source, dont know what it is.

The more I read on this, more I find that there are some guiding sprit that takes care of you as per western mythology, but more I read as per Indian system(more specifically as per Vedic astro perspective)  I find its Atma karak planet that guids us throughout the life( its my assumption with my limited knowledge).

Do as per hindu system, each one of us have assigned an angel, if yes how to connect  with them?

I want to request my seniors to enlighten us who are new to field of spirituality, show us the light in the right direction.

Requesting in good faith,

Jayesh Agrawal


Angels exist with different names in different religions.
In vedic astrology, each nakshatra has a ruler god and acts as angel.
One is always protected and guided by souls of their masters in every life. Only difference is : few evolved souls can connected and recieve direct communication from them, while others can only experience 'protection'


Where does one even begin to cure the foggy mind of the average Hindu of this day.

Do angels exist...This question could only have come from someone not conversant with the difference between dharmic and abrahamic worldviews.

Now first of all let us shed this cloak of sarv-dharm-sambhav and understand the difference between dharma and religion.
Dharma is not religion.You cannot call christianity and islam as Dharms...they are religions...revelatory religions which are history-centric,exclusivist,divide the world into a binary "Us vs Them" view and depend upon a circular logic of book provides the basis for my faith and theology and my faith says the book is the word of God and true.
These are dogmatic doctrines which have been advertised as faith systems and their sanctity depends upon unquestioning acceptance of each word as told in the so called book.

Sanatana Dharma on the other hand is not dependant upon any "book" to be revealed and is not hostage to any dogmatic doctrine.It is a philosophical enquiry,a knowledge system into the workings of the world,both physical and metaphysical; material and other words Bhautika and Adhyaatmic.
In between there is a level called Daivika which the sarv-dharm-sambhav fellows conflate with the concept of angels because it feels good in this age of liberalspeak to accept everything without question or scratching beyond the surface.

You could learn more about this here

Also there is no such thing as Hindu Mythology.We have perfect terms for our works which are itihAsa,purAna,kAvya and darshana shAstra.


Now the hidden force which you've experienced is explained as a combination of sanchit-karma and grace of devi,devatas ...quite beautifully explained in Bhagwat Gita.