Commercial Relations / Marriages produce commercial children

Started by Virinchi, June 26, 2011, 12:07:36 PM

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difference between europe and india is our marriage system and family structure.
even other religions like muslims and christians came here and adopted hindu systems like wearing bangles, toe rings etc after marriage etc.

europeans cannot survive as one country because of ego clashes and differences in cultures.

But indians with so many languages, religions, castes etc still are united because we share same system in all states, no matter what language we speak.

Now with these laws and western influence and italian mindless rule at delhi, we\'re losing our way and we may collapse by next generation.
we need to stop this slidefall now, else our next generation will not excuse us for leaving them with lot of wealth but no morals


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comeon frnds jst chill... how can we forget its kalyug. this all will happen. whn we cant do charity at our home itself how can we blame others. :cool:


what if i\'m already doing charity at home but still things dont change?
are we supposed to just adjust ourselves to kaliyug effects?
then whats difference between humans and animals


If we do charity would things change? I rather doubt as then what would happen to the word \"Karma\"? Kaliyug or whatever the only things we can do is be good and do good if you believe in Karma even if you don\'t whats wrong in living a rightful life.
Can I, as a human being, lead a different kind of life?


people have grown impatient and are not ready to face even minor karma effects
they immediately start looking for solutions or escapism

Aindrita Ray

well said sushma
it shows clearly when people are asked to do simple math and they just look for calculators in their mobile phone rather than use brain or use pen and paper.
everything is now instant !
instant food, instant love, instant life


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people who judge others based on pluses / minuses happened to their lives ever since they met others, who blame others for their own fate but take credit of all good etc will suffer throughout their lives.

unfortunately many dont understand that money is a medium to achieve target, money is not a target and should not be one.


when one expects some extra qualities and qualifications from their wannabe partner, they need to question themselves : do i have anything in me that makes me deserve a partner with those qualities ?

most don't