Commercial Relations / Marriages produce commercial children

Started by Virinchi, June 26, 2011, 12:07:36 PM

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out of all the recent divorce/seperation cases i've seen, 100% of them married just by looking at spouse's money/physical attraction.
most of them are already seperated and also suffering from lack of love through any relation (even their kids)


Sirf ek baat kehunga....Nari ek pariksha hai aur shadi ek sangharsh :P

Don't mind,just kidding....but afterall it's true...every man is scared of his wife and mother-in-law


today thats because of section 498A in IPC
but in general, men and women are not meant to live like friends.
both are made of different properties (purush and prakiti) and meant to unite only for creation

that is why animals dont have issues like humans.
female animal finds its partner in its mating season, has kids and then male leaves.
once kids start to walk and find food by themselves, mother too leaves.
they're real sanyasis


I don't fully agree with that Sasirekha.

We've been afforded insight for a purpose....Creation is but one of many aspects of coming together of Purusha and Prakriti...the nourishment of creation requires the symbiosis of both.
Excess on one side disturbs the balance and that in my view is causes disharmony.

Previously women were treated as lesser than men...Then in the post suffragettes/feminist era the popular opinion and an onslaught of subliminal onslaught by media and whatnot...many of the menfolk have become fawning idiots.

Women have become fawning idiots....and on and on it goes


well .
It all comes down to the upbringing of the children . If both the parents are commercial then the children also will be commercial only cause their upbringing is of that sort.
SO, If you want a successful child then I guess you need to give him the freedom to do what he wants from the start itself .