How do women know if a Guy loves them truely

Started by SaSirEkha, May 26, 2009, 10:15:04 AM

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How do gals recorgnise truth in guys love?
i saw many gals falling for wrong guys, though their decision making and judgement is perfect in other areas of life?

why do most decent gals always love/like rowdy/rash guys?


see.. wrong/ryt guy depends on thr understandings. thr r many wives living happli vd thr roudy/ bad-guy husbands.

these days, nor the gals or the guys r least bothered abt thr partners. if they r spliting vd one, immediately getting into with another one.. its like that now.  after all gals need to b lil more concentrated in choosing thr man


this cant be said by many women because men change immediately after women commits or marries

i prefer and like men who behave same way always
they dont wanna change and just carry their attitude


i dont think this is ever possible
so just live in the moment assuming he loves


i feel women get cheated easily in this aspect
they just follow their heart and not brain


see how much women rate themselves
we agree that we can be easily cheated


women tend to live in false world which is full of dreams, which are mostly colorful
when a man enters them, he looks great if he is behaving perfect
but after women decides to commit, he changes suddenly

so i prefer a man who always show his true colors


but if a man starts behaving like a MAN from initial days of a relation, women may not like continuing with him


whatever but women are easily fooled by men
i like men who are strong at mind and dont change


its sad to see so many women underestimating themselves and yet not willing to change