How do women know if a Guy loves them truely

Started by SaSirEkha, May 26, 2009, 10:15:04 AM

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i am not sure but i feel that there is one thing which looks better in case of women is \"girls fall in love very slowly but when there is a break up girl takes less time to forget & move on where as in the case of guys,they fall in love very soon but when there is a break up they take a lot of time to forget her\"...


Star Dust is 100% right!

Women end up giving their whole being, heart & soul to a man after a slight association, whereas a man will want to \"look around\" and play the field before he truly commits to a woman. This is how the species roll. The secret is to keep the man in mystery, keep him guessing and don\'t give all of yourself right away. From the time God invented Man, he has been the hunter ... so let him hunt... for you. Women should not become the hunter, running behind men... the more aloof & mysterious a woman is, the more she will hold his interest.

Alas! after marriage, the same cannot be said. We have been hunted, killed, devoured and we become the left-overs at home! :-)  And off they go again \"hunting\" for their next kill !! A good read is \"Men are from Mars & Women are from Venus \" a bit of an old book but still enlightening!

Please take all this with a pinch of salt and tonnes of humour! All written for merry reading and not to tarnish any species, afterall, we both cannot live without the other!

All the best to the singles out there!


Women give sex to get Love but Men pretend to Love just to get Sex.
\"Exceptions are always there\":starhit:Women give sex to get Love but Men pretend to Love just to get Sex.
\"Exceptions are always there\"



anjali ji i think u can see the change in present days that women are equally hunting down men every were but their pursuit is not known (for the wright guy/just for time being)instant change,shuffle,even playing on more than couple of guys at a time.even seen many changes like women falling for guy which doesn\'t even look good.past times were good when men were behind women.he had to do so many things to get a smile on her face etc etc.