Karma " Whay goes around, comes around" ???

Started by ani85, August 07, 2011, 01:04:43 PM

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Dear ani85,

Maybe it is in your karma to go through what you are going. Jay Tee has given you such a beautiful example and a simple one at that.

I give you another example. One person, who is now my Guruji\'s most ardent follower and disciple, came to my Gurudev some ten years back. His problem was his wife separated after 2/3 years of marriage and almost for next 12/13 years lived separately and this person went every month to finance her so that she is in no difficult situation moneywise even though this lady earned as a teacher. He went on many Teerth Yatras as per advise of many saints but ultimately he came to our Gurudev. I remember in my presence on a Thursday (My Gurudev always prays on Thursdays and perform puja of Dutta Bhagwan and answers all problems and questions of persons assembled there) he was tied with a huge rope to a chair in another room while puja as usual was performed in the usual Hall. After 2 hours this persons hands were untied. He came out smiling after the experience. My Guruji said \"Iska Bandhan Todna Hai\" It took my Gurudev 2 years to get him united with his wife.

This person, when young, knew this girl and despite knowing that she was not of good character married her. He went through all the above. She had one child through him and another one through another gentleman. Still she was welcomed back. When he asked my Guruji why this happened he was told this:

Bete some 400 years back this very girl was the daughter of your labourer head. She was young and you were a Zamindar. You raped her and now she has come back in this life to get even with you. This is what happens. No matter what we do we get our results sooner or later and the results depends upon our action now. If you have done good why bother. Leave it to HIM  and try your best.

Pravin Kumar


Thanks pravin,

Thank you so much ... whether there is love or no love in ma fate... i will keep loving people ... though because of my past experiences... i have seen people leaving me without any reasons... they keep on using me ... i might have done something wrong somewhere in past or may be in my previous life....

though i don\'t want to curse him ... but my six years were long enough i have given to him ... i know he will never come back ... though i know i can get him back ... but i don want to go against nature... you cant force someone to love you ...

as a women i just wanted to know will i get love in my life ever ... as i do love others.... will someone ever cares for me ... like i do for others....

may be this is my karma ...which haunted me in this relationship...

or may be God has saved me from a big disaster .... i am not Divorce at-least....

although i am trying to look at life from a different perspective... but  forgetting someone you were madly in love isn\'t as easy as said.

so from now onwards... i leave it to HIM ... i know he will reply to my queries and will give peace to my mind ....meanwhile i will ask for forgiveness!

i am thankful to you .... thanks for giving me a new direction ....


Dear Ani,
Not sure if this will comfort you, but many of us go through a lot of difficulties in life and we are confused why  -- without doing anything bad to others, we have to face it. May be it was our Karma, from this birth or our previous birth, may be.
May be we could have done better in some of those situations we face in life.

The other person may or may not face such situations in his life, and all depends on what he has done. May be he will face it in this birth -- after some years, or may be in next birth.

But the important thing for you is to be courageous and be firm. Take legal recourse if required, if he demands money, or harasses you - now even court accepts a Live in relationship as a form of obligation etc. Dont allow him to harass you, and take your parents into confidence.

Keep praying to the almighty, in utmost faith, to free you from the suffering and he will listen.



Thank you shree ... thank you soo much ! :) ... at times even the kind words can change your mental status and ... i am rellay thankful to you all for giving me so much of emotional support!