Section 377 - legalising Gays and Lesbian relations

Started by Ranjana, August 25, 2009, 07:11:57 PM

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Do you support gay and lesbian relations being legalised in this society?


i dont support or even talk about such sick stuff
if they have a problem in mind they should get it corrected or stay away from normal society


thats a stupid idea to pass section 377
how can homosexual couple raise a family
what will their kids have?
2 dads or 2 moms.


yepp if they want they can continue their relation without court acceptance also
many things happen which are illegal like prostitution
nobody will arrest them


whats this big issue about homos //???
why do they want to register their relation?
will they later apply for divorce showing their marriage as proof and get compensation??


cant say much as this trend is increasing everyday
everyone has oppurtunity to live the way they want as long as its not hurting others
but few people think few things are against indian culture


its not only against culture but also against nature


hmmm next enunchs will demand to declare them as men ~!!


it really doesnt matter for homosexuals if a particular section is passed or not
they can live in their world .
legalisation, sections all these matter when you want to marry and then legally seperate and claim compensation etc

if gays and lesbians too do that, then there wont be anything called love in this world


may be they want legalisation and court settlements in later stages.
these days love and marriage have also become business