Section 377 - legalising Gays and Lesbian relations

Started by Ranjana, August 25, 2009, 07:11:57 PM

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Aindrita Ray

its hard to say why people fight for rights.
when you love someone and want a relation, why do you expect world to recognise it


Well, it is hard to say why it should not be accepted legally.If some one is arguing against it on moral grounds, as Deepa mentioned, many things have been happening in India which are against the Culture/Morals/Dharma.Yeah, If they are legalised they will get all the rights as married couple have so that they will have a security in a relationship, as this is the case in few western countries.In reality, it complicates the life of kids and eventually the future generations.


P.S I have found an interesting view on morality from Mahabharath (online) which is the case in
present day world .Just want to  share :)
(Bhisma's reply was evasive....(when Droupadi questioned him about her insult in the court)

"..the course of morality is subtle. Even the illustrious wise in this world fail to understand it always. What in this world a strong man calls morality is regarded as such by others, however otherwise it may really be; but what a weak man calls morality is scarcely regarded as such even if it be the highest morality. From the importance of issue involved, from its intricacy and subtitlity, I am unable to answer with certitude the question thou hast asked..."

( Source: )



@Senior astrologers.......What can be the reason that all of a sudden old graves are being dug and harassment claims are being laid against celebrities now a days and as a result their image getting tainted ? Kindly throw some light on this. Nana Patekar, Chetan Bhagat and now Queen movie director.
Tell Them I Came, But No One Answered And I Kept My Word !!!


All this Tanushree, Nana, Bahl etc issues are to divert Indians from nun rape case. We always have the habit of forgetiing past crime, if some other issue comes up in news.
we're worried about who wins state elections (as if our jobs are depended on them), who harrassed a retired actress 12 years ago and never talk about atrocities in the name of religion, religious conversions (paid)