Author Topic: Easiest way of meditating is - by NOT concentrating  (Read 13079 times)

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Easiest way of meditating is - by NOT concentrating
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since most gurus we find are cheats. wait for a right guru to find you.
contemplation is like making your \'BUDDHI\' act as parent to your \'MIND\'
In a day..when u dont come across any problems... you can be sure that you are traveling in wrong path - SWAMI VIVEKANANDA

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Easiest way of meditating is - by NOT concentrating
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Easiest way of meditating is - by NOT concentrating
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good revealtion star dust


Easiest way of meditating is - by NOT concentrating
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usually all sadgurus ban reciting of mantras (except OM and Gayatri by few) and also they ban going to temples, offering rituals to deceased ancestors, doing religious rituals, fasting on name of god/festivals etc.

they advise only meditation without reciting any words/prayers
just concentrate on your thoughts and though it looks tough initially, it will make you realise yourself completely in long term


Easiest way of meditating is - by NOT concentrating
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one who leaves his family, work and responsibilities to god and runs around saffron clothed people or just try to escape by closing eyes and trying to meditate will never see any major changes in his life or family.

As lord krishna said in geetha , \"your work is itself worship. you are given certain tasks to do in this life and in kaliyug only chanting of god\'s name whenever possible is enough.
If you neglect your materialistic works and duties and pray god constantly, you\'ll fail in both\"

i\'ve seen such people talk only from what they read in books or quoted by other gurus, but nothing comes from their practical experience as they are utter failures in their lives and their family is still struggling.
still they expect people to treat them as gurus and follow them,

who would follow a failure?
one need to set an example for others to follow


Easiest way of meditating is - by NOT concentrating
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yes i agree
a guru can make a good disciple but cannot make a good guru.
Gurus are made by god only

99% fake themselves as gurus but they live for money.
why would someone consult a failure guru who is still struggling to make money and make both ends meet even after crossing age of 60.
his life is not an example to follow

Ravi Varma

Easiest way of meditating is - by NOT concentrating
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wow ! :punk: great discussion here
every soul is already given enough knowledge, we just have to remove the layer of ignorance.
for this we dont need help of those \'money minting\' fake gurus, who themselves never experienced anything practically

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Easiest way of meditating is - by NOT concentrating
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Easiest way of meditating is - by NOT concentrating
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This technique of meditation is used in Maharishi Mahesh Yoga\'s transcendental meditation. However, there also each one will be given an unique, meaningless word which we need to use while meditation. Initially, it seem like waste of time. But over a period of time, the relief and freshness you get out of this meditation is tremendous.
There are no restrictions and it is very effective to beat the stress and bring calm to your mind.


Easiest way of meditating is - by NOT concentrating
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This is meditation without any goal just being aware without any judgment just be aware.
Can I, as a human being, lead a different kind of life?


Easiest way of meditating is - by NOT concentrating
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J. Krishnamurti on how to meditate

[J. Krishnamurti had the following dialogue with students at one of his schools in India.]

[Krishnamurti:] Do you know anything about meditation?

Student: No, Sir.

Krishnamurti: But the older people do not know either. They sit in a corner, close their eyes and concentrate, like school boys trying to concentrate on a book. That is not meditation. Meditation is something extraordinary, if you know how to do it. I am going to talk a little about it.
First of all, sit very quietly; do not force yourself to sit quietly, but sit or lie down quietly without force of any kind. Do you understand? Then watch your thinking. Watch what you are thinking about. You find you are thinking about your shoes, your saris, what you are going to say, the bird outside to which you listen; follow such thoughts and enquire why each thought arises. Do not try to change your thinking. See why certain thoughts arise in your mind so that you begin to understand the meaning of every thought and feeling without any enforcement. And when a thought arises, do not condemn it, do not say it is right, it is wrong, it is good, it is bad. Just watch it, so that you begin to have a perception, a consciousness which is active in seeing every kind of thought, every kind of feeling. You will know every hidden secret thought, every hidden motive, every feeling, without distortion, without saying it is right, wrong, good or bad. When you look, when you go into thought very very deeply, your mind becomes extraordinarily subtle, alive. No part of the mind is asleep. The mind is completely awake.
That is merely the foundation. Then your mind is very quiet. Your whole being becomes very still. Then go through that stillness, deeper, further – that whole process is meditation. Meditation is not to sit in a corner repeating a lot of words; or to think of a picture and go into some wild, ecstatic imaginings.
To understand the whole process of your thinking and feeling is to be free from all thought, to be free from all feeling so that your mind, your whole being becomes very quite. And that is also part of life and with that quietness, you can look at the tree, you can look at people, you can look at the sky and the stars. That is the beauty of life.

On Education, first published 1974, Krishnamurti Foundation Trust Ltd., London, , p. 58

So we are asking now: what is the movement of meditation? First of all we must understand the importance of the senses. Most of us react, or act according to the urges, demands and the insistence of our senses. And those senses never act as a whole but only as a part – right? Please understand this. If you don’t mind enquiring into this a little more for yourself, talking over together, but all our senses never function, move, operate as a whole, holistically. If you observe yourself and watch your senses you will see that one or the other of the senses becomes dominant. One or the other of the senses takes a greater part in observation in our daily living, so there is always imbalance in our senses – right? May we go on from there?

Now is it possible – this is part of meditation, what we are doing now – is it possible for the senses to operate as a whole; to look at the movement of the sea, the bright waters, the eternally restless waters, to watch those waters completely, with all your senses? Or a tree, or a person, or a bird in flight, a sheet of water, the setting sun, or the rising moon, to observe it, look at it with all your senses fully awakened. … if you observe this, if you observe this operation of the whole senses acting you will find there is no centre from which the senses are moving. Are you trying this as we are talking together? To look at your girl, or your husband, or your wife or the tree, or the house, with all the highly active sensitive senses. Then in that there is no limitation. You try it. You do it and you will find out for yourself. That is the first thing to understand: the place of the senses. Because most of us operate on partial or particular senses. We never move or live with all our senses fully awakened, flowering. Because as most of us live, operate and think partially, so one of our enquiries into this is for the senses to function fully and realize the importance and the illusion that senses create – are you following all this? And to give the senses their right place, which means not suppressing them, not controlling them, not running away from them but to give the proper place to the senses. This is important because in meditation, if you want to go into it very deeply, unless one is aware of the senses, they create different forms of neurosis, different forms of illusions, they dominate our emotions and so on and so on. So that is the first thing to realize: if when the senses are fully awakened, flowering then the body becomes extraordinarily quiet. Have you noticed all this? Or am I talking to myself? Because most of us force our bodies to sit still, not fidget, not to move about and so on – you know. Whereas if all the senses are functioning healthily and normally, vitally then the body relaxes and becomes very, very quiet, if you do it. Do it as we are talking.

4th Public Talk, Brockwood Park, 1978 , Video and Audio Cassette.

Ravi Varma

Easiest way of meditating is - by NOT concentrating
« Reply #19 on: June 10, 2011, 12:24:53 AM »
well, lets ask a straight forward question to ourselves.
why should we meditate?
why are we just not able to live happily with whatever we get through nature?

If it is because of our dis-satisfaction with our lives, then we\'ll fail in meditation too and also fail in personal life.
One should start meditation only when he/she has enjoyed life to the fullest and got totally bored of it.
Only then our thoughts will not fly during meditation.
They wont fly because they\'ve already seen enough and our mind is tired enough.
Then it wants rest and it will quickly grab the meditation path as soon as you bring it into this track.

Before reaching that stage, dont even attempt meditation.
Just live your life

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