DNA perfection, karmic contracts removal and Auric clearing

Started by JayTee, October 27, 2009, 09:51:01 AM

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hello all
i found this website which had some interesting issues raised.

they claim to clear our pastlife \'karma baggage\' so that we can start our lives afresh.
also they claim to clean aura around us and correct our DNA accordingly.

how is this possible?
how can a human change another human\'s karma ?
did anyone have any such experiences? pls share here


i know few gurus can bless their disciples so that all karmic bonds are cleared in one go
but that is achieved by patience and serving the guru for long term and pleasing them

no idea if that can be done online for 100 bucks


it is possible but i dont know how this is done online and is it worth 100 $ or not
i know few people who got great relief after these therapies
initially they felt uneasy and disturbed , maybe because so much karma had to be released in lesser span of time


i know that few gurus do it and god can definitely do it
god and gurus expect time, patience and submissiveness
these people in above link expect some time and money


god slept long back and gurus became greedy
so we\'ve to do it ourselves


I think God is awake even now :-), but yes its difficult to find gurus now. Let inner self be our guide and I am sure that will guide correctly.


god might be awake but inactive
else all these nonsense wont happen across the world


Human race would never able to understand his complex programming.
We can only do the guess work.
He is a ultimate programmer


he has responsibility to explain his acts and plans
else all this world looks like slavery


he always give us clue it is we who dont understand his signals .