Easiest way of meditating is - by NOT concentrating

Started by Virinchi, February 22, 2010, 09:17:36 PM

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I used to try hard to meditate...but i never could understand what it means when we're supposed to clear out our thoughts.
How can one ever clear out all thoughts? How is it even possible?
Mind never rests,the thoughts are ceaseless,it's a cacophony and the more you try to suppress is the more you find yourself concentrating on trying to suppress the thoughts which gets tiresome and is more irksome and in the end you get worked up and it rather defeats the whole purpose of meditation.

I asked anyone I could find but nobody could tell me or properly guide me.
By personal experience I can say that one needs God's grace to truly meditate...a divine enlightenment.One cannot tell when it would happen but it just happens...and when it happens one experiences profound peace and joy.
The cacophony of thoughts is still there but you dont need to suppress them to meditate,you learn to,I guess like Virinchi said be a detached observer and lost in deep thought.

By God's grace Now I can concentrate whenever I want...and I can feel myself..my soul and my thoughts trying to get aligned to the cosmic consciousness and be synchronised with nature